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Unprocessed Special Collections

Below is a list of unprocessed materials held within the Special Collections.   As these collections have not been processed, little to no intellectual control has been established for each collection.  Researchers are asked to take these factors into consideration when determining what materials will be pertinent to their research.  These materials will either be processed as an individual collection or added to other existing manuscript collections.

Materials are arranged alphabetically by 'Title/Materials' and sorted according to 'Collection Number' where appropriate.  See the 'Notes' section for further information about materials.  Please note that materials may be in process and thus may not be in their listed 'Current Location'.

For access to these materials, please call (407) 823-2576 or email with questions.

Title/Materials Brief Description Collection Dates Collection Number Current Location Format Linear Feet Notes
Finney Accounting Collection Personal papers of Harry Anson Finney. ca. 1900's CFM19XX_05 150/63 paper 1.5 Unprocessed; books cataloged under series title "The Finney Collection"
Rose Feinman Papers Actress and comedienne; personal papers 1986-1996 CFM2006_04 501/20 paper; photographs; VHS 3 Only prelim guide online; no hierarchal order
Vincent J. Fonelli Architect and sculptor; includes personal papers and publications on Polish heritage ca. 1900's CFM1986_01 150/63 paper Unprocessed
Otto Frohlich Music research, music scores ca.1900's CFM1989_01 501/19 paper 4 Unprocessed; donated over 80 music scores to Special Collections dating from the mid 1800's on.
Susan King/Paradise Press Archive Corporate records of the Paradise Press and personal papers of Susan King. ca.1970's-ca.2000's CFM2005_07 501/12-13 paper; mixed media 31 In process
NASA Photograph Collection Transparencies, photographs 1974-2001 CFM2007_02 150/63 transparencies 9 Unprocessed
National Labor Relations Board (collected by Dr. Val Bradley Collected materials on the National Labor Relations Board. ca. 1900's CFM19XX_01 501/19 paper 3.5 Unprocessed
Joy Postle - materials from Judy Johnson Collection of papers and art by Joy Postle as collected by Judy Johnson 1940's - 1990's CFM2011_04 501/18 paper; ephemera; memorabilia 3 In process
Harris Rosen Papers Corporate records of Harris Rosen as hotelier ca. 1990's CFM2006_02 150/63 paper 7 Unprocessed - available by request only
Jack Rosen Papers Personal papers and scrapbooks of Jack Rosen 1914-1997 CFM2008_11 150/63 papers; scrapbooks; ephemera 5.5 Unprocessed - available by request only
Paul O. Schallert Collection Personal papers of an Army medical officer interested in botanicals 1879-1957 CFM19XX_04 501/19 paper 1 Unprocessed; legacy collection
Meg Scharf Space Materials Primarily NASA ephemera; KSC, Mission Chronology, International Space Station collected by the Scharf family 1991-2001 CFM2007_12 501/19 paper; ephemera; memorabilia 0.5 Unprocessed
United Faculty of Florida (Phyllis J. Hudson) Collected materials on the United Faculty of Florida 1973-2003 CFM2006_03 150/68-69 paper 30.5 Unprocessed
Volusia County Music Teachers Association Collected materials on the Volusia County Music Teachers Association 1950's-present CFM2011_03, CFM2015_02 150/62 paper 2.25 Unprocessed
Shepherd, James Portfolio of Genius papers 1945-1999 CFM1993_06 501/20 paper; correspondence; letters; scrapbook; dvd 3 Unprocessed
Gooch and John Young Photocopies unknown CFM19XX_03 501/19 paper 0.5 Unprocessed
League of Women Voters of Volusia County Collected materials on League of Women Voters of Volusia County unknown;post 1949 CFM2010_02, CFM2013_01 501/20 paper; scrapbooks; ephemera 2 Donated by VCMTA;unprocessed
Howard Eves tapes Interviews unknown; ca. 1990's CFM2011_01 501/20 audio tapes 0.25 Unprocessed
S. F. Travis Company Invoice record books, bills and invoices 1907-1935 CFM2012_09 501/20 paper 2 Unprocessed
George and Anne Millay Collection Collected materials on water parks; Sea World and Wet 'N Wild 1959-2006 CFM2007_15 150/62 paper; slides; photographs; ephemera 1 Unprocessed
Democratic Women's Club of Florida Inc. Collection Collected materials on DWCF; notes, correspondence, scrapbooks, reports unknown CFM2012_05, CFM2014_06, CFM2014_10 501/20 paper 12.25 Unprocessed
John L. Ducker Collection Personal papers of John L. Ducker 1944-2002 CFM2012_03 501/14 paper; Scrapbook; certificates; corresponce; ephemera 4 In process
Disney World Land Purchase/RCID Collection Robert P. Foster's collected materials on Founding Of a Kingdom, Exhibit "A" unknown CFM2012_06 150/62 paper; maps; books 5 Unprocessed
John W. Senders Working Collection Collected materials on human factors engineering (mainly reprints) unknown CFM2013_07 501/14-15 paper; VHS 25 In process
Jose Guerra Aleman Collection Collected materials on Cuba; manuscripts, notes, clippings, photographs, books unknown CFM2014_07 501/18 paper; photographs; ephemera 12 Unprocessed
The Judith and Warren Kaplan Collection, Women's and Gender Studies Collection of personal archival materials on women's history ca.1800's-2000's CFM2015_01 501/16-17 paper, photographs, ephemera, stamps, scrapbooks, artwork, periodicals 32 Unprocessed

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