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USB Conference Microphone

USB Conference Microphone

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  • John C. Hitt
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This USB microphone is ideal for videoconferencing and group web chat. Works with Windows and Mac.
Item includes: MXL AC-404 microphone, MiniUSB to USB cable.

This item requires a 72-hour quarantine between loans due to COVID-19. Item availability is subject to change without notice.

  • Full Replacement Cost: $85
  • Partial Replacement Cost (if applicable): $75 Microphone, $10 Bag, $5 Cable

Item Availability

There USB Conference Microphone available for checkout.

UCF LibTech - LibTech
Description Call Number Item Status Due Date
USB Conference Microphone #01 3 Day Loan - F3 Not Checked Out
USB Conference Microphone #02 3 Day Loan - F3 4/10/21 12:53 PM
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