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C01U Pro Podcasting Pack

  • Microphones
  • 3 Day Loan
  • Student
  • John C. Hitt
  • Fine Policy
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Suitable for podcasting, VO recording, and even VoIP conferencing, the Samson C01U Pro is a microphone that plugs directly into your computer over USB.

Items Included: Studio Condenser Microphone, Headphones, Mini USB to USB Cable, Threaded Aluminum Post, Cast-iron Round Base

  • Full Replacement Cost: $150
  • Partial Replacement Cost: $35 Headphones, $5 USB Cable

Item Availability

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Item Name Availability Status Loan Period
C01U Pro Podcasting Pack #01On Loan75 3 Day Loan - F3
C01U Pro Podcasting Pack #02Item available for checkout75 3 Day Loan - F3
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