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Off-Campus Access Tips

  • Logging in with your UCF NID for seamless access to all UCF Libraries content and services.
  • Use links on the Libraries website. Our links connect through EZproxy and ask you to log in as needed.
  • Add the EZproxy stem to Google search results, email, and other pages – they do not automatically not connect through EZproxy and you may end up at a site asking for a payment or an individual subscription.
  • Use LibX plug-in in Chrome or Firefox to send links through EZproxy for authorized access.
  • If you use VPN, login to EZproxy right after starting the VPN client. VPN does not handle traffic to most  UCF Libraries’ content.

 See below for tips on creating EZproxy links, LibX, and VPN.

Creating EZproxy Links

As you browse the internet or read email you may find links that go to content UCF subscribes to, but the link doesn’t connect through the EZproxy.  You can add UCF’s EZproxy stem make links authenticate through EZproxy for access to UCF library content.

Making Links by Hand

  • EZproxy stem:
  • Put the EZproxy stem directly in front of a URL (no spaces) and it will connect through
    the proxy.  It only work with URLs recognized as UCF Library subscriptions.

LibX for EZproxy Links

The LibX browser extension creates EZproxy stem links on the fly. To use this feature, install LibX for Firefox or LibX for Google Chrome (UCF’s LibX edition is 099F333B). Once installed:

  • Right click on any link to see an option to “Follow link via UCF Libraries’ Proxy”
  • Click the small Pegasus icon in your browser’s toolbar
  • Click Proxies
  • Click “Reload page with this proxy”

EZproxy and VPN

UCF’s VPN provides secure access to UCF’s servers and networks. It does not provide access to online library content. EZproxy can work along side the VPN to for access to library content. These recommended steps will ensure smooth access to Libraries subscriptions for VPN users:

  1. After you connect to UCF’s VPN, log in to EZproxy.
  2. Use links on the Libraries website to connect to databases and journals.
  3. Use LibX or the steps above to add EZproxy to links in email, search results, and other pages.

For questions about the VPN, go to UCF Virtual Private Network (VPN).

You should only need to log in once per session.
You will need to use EZproxy links to access UCF licensed online content.

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