Course Reserves Copyright Policy

The Circulation Department at the John C. Hitt Library and the circulation departments at the UCF branch libraries provide course reserve services to support the teaching activities of the university. All reserve materials must comply with copyright laws. Any item for which a UCF faculty or staff member has obtained written permission from the copyright holder, materials that fall within fair use as defined within the UCF Use of Copyrighted Material Policy, and any work in the public domain may be placed on reserve (see Placing Materials on Reserve). Current fair use guidelines do not cover the use of material beyond one semester. All reserve materials are taken off reserve at the end of each semester.

Faculty or staff members placing materials on reserve are responsible for verifying that those items are copyright compliant. When required, written permission must be obtained. UCF Libraries’ staff may require proof that materials placed on reserve do not violate copyright guidelines.

To date, there is no university-wide infrastructure for the university to process and/or pay for copyright permissions. Individual faculty members may check with their departments, or obtain permissions on an individual basis.

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