Subject Librarians Model in Collection Services

Responsibilities of Subject Librarians on Collection Services

Subject Librarians are essential in building robust and distinctive Collections. A close teamwork is required with Acquisitions & Collection Services and other librarians in public and technical services. Regardless having a subject-specific background or not, UCF Subject Librarians shall strive for proficiency in the teaching, research specialties, and current curricular needs of the academic departments in their subject areas, as well as broader evolving research trends at UCF and in their respective disciplines. Partnering with the teaching faculty in their subject areas, Subject Librarians collect new titles, historical collections, and primary source materials to fill collection gaps and/or address emerging scholarly needs. Librarians also promote awareness of these resources, in courses and to individual researchers, by providing instruction and support for their use. 

Subject Librarians are expected to expend their monograph allocations timely to reflect the evolving needs of their subject areas. Collaborating with other librarians, they play the critical role to assess collection usage and identify new acquisitions and cancelations across disciplines.  

Faculty Involvement

Each academic department/program has designated a faculty liaison to partner with the subject librarian. Faculty involvement, such as library liaisons and the Library Advisory Committee, are critical to the success of UCF Libraries collections. Collections Services are built on and committed to questions, concerns, suggestions, and research priorities from the teaching faculty and their students. All UCF faculty and students are also invited to participate in the collection development process at any time through Materials Recommendation Form.

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