Collection Management Considerations

Deaccession and Cancelation

Like the acquisition process, the decisions to remove items from the University’s collection shall be made in context of Libraries’ core mission within the constraints of budget and space. Considerations for the potential impact and the integrity of the total collection should be weighed.  

Cancellations of electronic resources may occur after careful assessments and data, such as lack of historic usage, overlapping resources and low-cost alternative contents. 

Preservation, Replacement and Repair

The UCF Libraries does not have the budget nor expertise on preservation for the physical items in the general collections. Conscious efforts are made at purchasing and storing items with good quality and proper environment. For licensed electronic resources, a third party archiving service is subscribed to preserve the long-term access. 

Materials that are declared lost or missing, or in poor/unusable condition will be replaced at the discretion of the appropriate librarian, in accordance with the collection development policies in effect at that time. Factors described above that may influence decisions to deaccession materials from the general collection may well apply to a decision to instead replace materials due to their physical condition or lost/missing status. 

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