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Study Rooms / Study Space

Quiet Study Areas

Quiet Study Area

The 4th and 5th floors of the library are "Quiet Zones" for patrons interested in contemplative study or research.

Note: Patrons should limit group discussion to study rooms and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors.

observe the following rules while in the Quiet Study Areas:

  • Be considerate of others by helping to maintain an atmosphere of quiet.
  • No loud or disruptive talking is allowed, including on the cell phone.
  • Cell phones and beepers must be silenced. Use the stairwells or another floor if you must speak on the phone.
  • Walkman radios and other portable music and video devices must be used with headphones.
  • Disruptive behavior may result in you being asked to leave the Library.

Student Study Rooms

Study Room 2The The John C. Hitt Library houses a number of individual and group Study Rooms throughout the building. These rooms help provide workspace for group studies, while also maintaining an atmosphere conducive to quiet study. Study Rooms can be reserved by clicking the link below:

Room Rules and Regulations

  1. General Study Rooms/Study Room with Computer are checked out for ONLY 2 HOURS.
  2. The Presentation Practice Room and Faculty/Graduate Rooms are checked out for ONLY 4 HOURS.
  3. There are NO RENEWALS.
  4. Rooms are available, by reservation ONLY.
  5. Only current UCF STUDENT IDs or valid government issued IDs can be used to check out study rooms.
  6. A fine will be accrued for overdue study room.
  7. Overdue fines for study rooms are accrued with no grace period.
  8. Please turn in room key 15 minutes before the library is due to close.
  9. Pick up after yourself. The library accepts no responsibility for any items left in the study room.
  10. Armchairs and couches should NOT be moved into the study rooms.
  11. Windows in study rooms cannot be covered.
  12. Study rooms are not sound proof; keep in mind the noise level. Conversations can be heard outside the rooms.
  13. Be aware that during an emergency such as a fire alarm, evacuation is mandatory unless announced.
  14. If there are students waiting for study rooms, Circulation staff will ask occupants in study rooms that are overdue to vacate the overdue study room.

Room Policies

  1. There are no renewals including to other members of the same group.
    • The room must be checked in with all the student(s) materials removed from the room.
    • If a room is still needed, another room may obtained by making a reservation.
  2. When a student is late returning a study room, their account will be monitored by the reserve department and fines will be assessed.
    • After three late returns in one semester the student will be blocked for the remainder of the semester.
    • If a student is blocked from study room use within the last three weeks of a semester, that student will be blocked for the next semester.
    • If a student is blocked two full semesters in a row, then that student will be blocked for their third semester and possibly a Student Conduct Report will be filed.

Note: Room usage is a privilege. Any repeat misuse of the rules will result in this privilege being suspended.

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