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Customer Service at the Circulation and Media Services Desk:

I. Mission Statement

Public Service Staff has the most direct contact with the customers, making them a vital link between patrons and the library. It is the Circulation Department's goal to provide each patron with an experience that leaves them with a positive outlook of both the library and the university. Library staff will have a genuine commitment to the mission of customer service and reach out to the diverse library users. We will reach this goal by having a professional environment, providing strong patron service, and engaging each patron that we interact with. To fulfill their responsibilities, staff must have adequate materials and resources to carry out their duties.


The Circulation & Media Desks will work in a business like manner to provide a professional atmosphere to each patron


We will provide each patron with the best customer service available.


The Circulation & Media Desks will engage patrons with courtesy and interest and will inquire about the patrons.

II. Goals, Objectives, and Service Standards:

  • We, public service staff, will hold some core values: excellence, innovation, teamwork, integrity, understanding, helpfulness, approachability, perseverance, consistency, etc.
  • We will strive to achieve the highest leave of customer satisfaction.
  • We will study and understand the factors that influence quality customer service in the library by asking for feedback, for instance conducting special questionnaires, forms, online, surveys, etc.
  • We will set customer expectation based on what can be delivered and realistically met.
  • We will respond to customers needs individually and collectively, embracing innovation and creativity.
  • We will create a welcoming environment where patrons feel comfortable interacting with the circulation department by treating all patrons with courtesy while showing a positive attitude with our body language, tone, and choice of words.
  • We will listen to the patrons first, we will ask questions, and then react after all important information is revealed to ensure we have all the details needed to solve a situation and achieve effective communication.
  • We will work to resolve problems before they arise, achieving a conflict-free environment.
  • We will stay informed and knowledgeable about circulation procedures and policies so we can adequately address patron needs and /or know when to refer a patron.
  • We will act in a professional manner at all times.
  • We will remain alert to our surroundings and engage only in those activities at the circulation desk that do not interfere with our ability to acknowledge patrons entering our work area with initial eye contact, smile, and/or body language.
  • We will always follow-up when needed to ensure patrons are satisfied and receive the information that they were seeking.

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