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Media Checkout

Portable DVD Player and Blu-Ray Player Checkout

Portable DVD players and Blu-Ray players can be checked out for 7 days. Students, faculty and staff can check them out with proper I.D. The players are equipped to play DVD, audio CD, and MP3. Headphones, car adaptor cables, and TV connector cables can also be used with the players.

Laptop and Netbook Computer Checkout

The Media desk has laptop computers available for checkout on a 4 hour time limit within the library. Students may check them out with a proper ID. They cannot be used outside of the library. Laptops and netbooks are checked out with a power cord.

iPad and Tablet Checkout

iPads, tablets, and chargers are available for checkout at the Media desk for one week (7 days). Only currently enrolled UCF students are able to checkout iPads. iPads are pre-loaded with useful software and UCF settings and students may install additional apps utilizing their own personal Apple ID account. The iPads are reimaged back to the library default image and all personal information erased upon check-in. For more information on how to use an iPad, view the iPad manual or ask for instructions at the Media desk.

Flip Video Camera and Panasonic Camera Checkout

The Media desk also has Sony Flip Cameras as well as Panasonic still-shot cameras available for checkout for one week (7 days) for currently enrolled UCF students only.

Voice Recorders and Portable Scanners

Voice recorders and portable scanners are available for checkout for one week (7 days) for currently enrolled UCF students only.

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