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What Can Be Placed on Reserve

A variety of materials can be placed on reserve by a Professor. Circulation Services offers two ways to utilize the reserve function; many items are made available both physically at the library and on the internet via the Course Reserves website. Copyright restrictions prevent some materials from being available electronically.

Reserve materials may include:

  • Books from the Library's collections
  • Faculty member's personal copy of books or journals.
  • Folders containing photocopies of specific journal articles or book chapters provided by the faculty member. *
  • Photocopies of non-copyrighted materials such as class notes, tests, etc. *
  • Audiovisual materials (Contact media desk on the 3rd floor for information)
    * Can be available both Electronically and at Reserve Desk.
Photocopies or other reproductions are limited to a single chapter in a book or a single journal article, unless Fair Use can still be applied OR copyright permission from the copyright holder is obtained.

How to Put Items on Reserve

The Library Staff strives to process all faculty requests for course reserves in the most timely manner possible and in conformance to copyright law, as required by the UCF Office of the General Counsel. Print materials can be put on reserve at the 2nd. floor Reserve Desk, (Circulation Department). Media items can be put on reserve at the media desk, Library 3rd floor.

  • In order to ensure accuracy, instructors must completely fill out a Reserves Form. Instructors may print out the printable Reserves Form or fill out and submit the electronic version of the form. Copies of the form are also available at the Circulation Desk in the Main Library. Library staff will pull library owned books, other monographs, or media items from the Library shelves for placement on Reserves.
  • Media items such as Videos, CDs, DVDs, etc. can be put on Reserves. Printed Reserves forms for Media items should be delivered to the Media desk on the 3rd floor. Submitted electronic Reserves forms will be routed to Media. Personal items or any reproductions of materials to be placed on Reserves must be delivered in person to the library or emailed to The Library must have a completed Reserves form for any emailed items sent to Reserves. Emailed items must include all of the requested information listed below. When completing the form, the expiration date, office room number, and email address are important. This information is used to ensure timely removal and return of materials to the faculty member. Incomplete forms are held with the materials until complete information is obtained from the professor.
  • Provide all requested information for each item to be placed on reserve:
    • Complete citation for each journal article the student is expected to read, i.e., the article title, author, journal title, date.
    • Complete citation for each chapter excerpted from a complete work.
    • Complete citation for all personal books provided.
    • All photocopied items MUST include a copy of the original copyright statement from the photocopied work (see section 108(a)(3) of U.S. Copyright Law).


Removal of Materials from Reserves

All materials are removed from Reserve at the end of the semester. Personal copies, including all file folders, are returned to faculty at this time. Unless otherwise requested, the address listed on the Reserve form will be used to mail back materials. The Library is not responsible for lost or damaged personal items placed on Reserves.

Special note for Electronic Reserves:

  • It is most efficient to bring in or provide small packages of materials throughout the semester. Bringing in large stacks of articles will slow down the processing of your materials.
  • Make sure your photocopied materials are single sided, unstapled, and clipped.
  • Please ensure that the materials to be scanned to not have a black background. This uses a lot of toner when the materials are printed.

The above procedures should also be followed when adding materials to existing reserves folders during the semester.

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