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Library Charges Appeals Process

All Library charges for overdue, damaged, or lost materials may be appealed upon patron request. No Library charges, either for lost items, overdue fines, damages, or any other charge can be waived or reduced WITHOUT a submitted Appeals form. Appeals forms are available at the Circulation Desk or online. Upon receiving your submitted Appeals Form, Library staff will review the record of borrowing transactions which resulted in fines and examine any damaged items. Final decisions on the acceptance or rejection of your appeal regarding fines accrued from overdue or damaged materials will be made within one week of receipt of the appeals form. You will be notified of this decision by email or telephone.*

Claims Returns

When a lost item shows up on your account that you believe you have turned in to the library please contact the circulation desk as soon as possible. After filling out a claims return form, a series of diligent searches for the item will be made throughout the Library over a period of four (4) weeks. During these four weeks you are urged to continue searching your own residence, vehicle, office, or other related areas. Lost materials that are returned will incur the maximum late charge of $5.25.

For lost materials found in the Library, the lost book charge will be waived, however a late fee may still be imposed. If the item is not found after the four week search period, you will be notified that the searches have been unsuccessful. At this time, payment for the replacement of lost materials is expected. We can no longer accept a replacement copy of the material(s) lost or damaged in lieu of payment. Lost materials that are returned will incur the maximum late charge of $5.25. Materials placed on reserve, such as study room keys, iPads, calculators, etc. do not max out at $5.25, and will keep accruing until the item is returned.

For further information, email or call:

Martha Cloutier
Fines and Bills Supervisor
(407) 823-5289

Office hours: Monday Friday, 7:30am to 3:30pm

Buenaventura Basco
Interim Head of Circulation Services
(407) 823-2527

Office hours: Monday Friday, 7:30am to 4:00pm

*In order to receive notifications from us, please be sure to have your contact information filled out on myUCF. To do this, log in to myUCF, select Student SelfService, and then select Personal Information.

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How do I appeal charges for overdue, damaged, or overdue items?

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