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Rosen Library DVD/VHS/Streaming Video Titles

The following is a list of audiovisual titles (DVD, VHS, and streaming video) owned by the Rosen library. They are grouped broadly by subject matter.

The majority of streaming videos below include transcripts and captions, and meet UCF standards for accessible course content. See UCF Teaching Online for more information on ADA compliant course materials. For information on using streaming videos, see the Rosen Streaming Video Collection Guide.

For up-to-date listings of audiovisual titles, please search the Library Catalog on our homepage, peruse the Rosen Library - New Items page, or stop by the library to browse the collection. For more assistance, please contact us.

A printable version of this list is also available:
Rosen Library DVD/VHS/Streaming Titles (Excel file, 77 KB).


Format Title
DVD/VHS Air Traffic Jam: Bumped, Delayed, and Grounded
DVD Commercial Jets
DVD Flying Cheap
VHS Inside LAX
VHS International Airports II
DVD Most Extreme Airports
VHS Rage in the Air
STREAMING Ryanair: Revolutionizing the Airline Industry
DVD Song Airlines

Cruise Lines

Format Title
DVD/VHS Cruise Ships in Troubled Waters
DVD Cruising...Knowing the World You Sell
VHS Floating Palaces (4-part series)
DVD Introduction to Successful Cruise Selling
DVD/VHS Modern Marvels: Ocean Liners - Titanic to QEII
DVD The Cruise Industry

Customer Service / Professionalism / Collegiality

Format Title
DVD Best Face Forward
STREAMING Business Etiquette: Professionalism 101
DVD Customer Service Basics: Service with a Smile
DVD Creating Customer Satisfaction
DVD Dealing with Difficult Customers
VHS Delivering Quality Guest Service [Also available on DVD titled "Spirit of Hospitality"]
VHS Executive Etiquette: First Impressions
DVD Five Star Hospitality
STREAMING Five Star Hospitality
VHS Front Desk First Impressions
VHS Guest Relations: Aiming to Please
VHS Guest Service Gold Training Program
STREAMING Handling the Difficult Customer
DVD Have a Nice Day: Working With Colleagues and Customers in Hospitality and Tourism
DVD Hospitality: A Question of Attitude
DVD Hospitality Customer Service
DVD Introducing the Basics-Part of the 'At Your Service' Series
VHS Keeping Nice People Nice (3-part series)
VHS Managing Quality Guest Service
DVD Manners for the Real World: Basic Social Skills
DVD May I Help You? Commendable Customer Service
VHS Personal Grooming
DVD Quality Customer Service
STREAMING Professional Image: Professionalism 101
STREAMING Quality Customer Service in the Hospitality Industry
DVD Service: The Heart of Leadership
DVD Seven Things to Never Say to Your Customers
DVD Spirit of Hospitality Featuring Delivering Quality Guest Service
DVD The A to Z of Customer Service
STREAMING Working Front of House

Event Management / MICE

Format Title
DVD Burning Man: Beyond Black Rock
DVD Confessions of an Event Planner
STREAMING Confessions of an Event Planner
DVD Event Management: Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling
DVD Event Marketing
DVD Event Planning
DVD Expo: Magic of the White City
DVD Glastonbury [music festival]
DVD Great Festivals 2: Globe Trekker
STREAMING Great Festivals 3: Globe Trekker
VHS Making the Most of Your Trade Show Investment, Presented by Pete Van de Putte
DVD Sustaining the Success of Festivals & Events: A Global Look at the Next 50 Years

Food & Beverage - Beer, Wine, and Alcohol

Format Title
DVD A Brief History of Wine
DVD A Wine Odyssey: Old World Wines
DVD American Eats: Beer
VHS An American History of Beer
DVD Bottle Shock
DVD Brewed in America
DVD Coffee
DVD Coors: A Family Brew
DVD Distilleries
DVD Distilleries 2
VHS Ernest and Julio Gallo: An American Vintage
DVD Exploring French Wine Regions
DVD Everyday Guide to Spirits and Cocktails: Tastes and Traditions
DVD How Beer Saved the World
DVD Inside Saatchi & Saatchi: A Spirited Case Study
DVD Jancis Robinson's Wine Course
DVD John Cheese's Wine for the Confused
DVD/VHS Mixology: Making Great Cocktails
DVD Modern Marvels: Brewing
DVD Modern Marvels: Whiskey
DVD Modern Marvels: Wine
DVD Mondovino
DVD Prohibition
DVD Rioja: Tradition & Innovation at the Frontiers of Flavor
VHS Serving Alcohol with Care
DVD ServSafe Alcohol
DVD Startup Experience: Starting a Wine Shop
DVD The American Brew: The Rich and Surprising History of Beer in America
VHS The Beer Hunter (3-part series)
DVD The Perfect Match: Wine and Food
DVD Uncorked: Wine Made Simple
VHS Vintage: A History of Wine (12-part series)
DVD Wine Fundamentals
VHS Wine in Art: The Culture of Clos Pegase
DVD/VHS Wine Service for Waitstaff
DVD Wine Trails of Australia
DVD Wine Trails of Italy
DVD Wines of the World: Understanding Wine

Food & Beverage - General

Format Title
VHS 1997 Pizza Hut NSAC: University of West Florida
DVD A Moveable Feast : With America's Favorite Chefs
DVD A Place at the Table New!
DVD American Eats: Canned Food
DVD American Eats: Chocolate
VHS American Eats: History on a Bun
DVD America's Test Kitchen Season Eight
DVD Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
DVD Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations Collection Two
DVD Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations Collection Three
VHS Au Bon Pain
DVD Basic Career Communication: Food Service Hospitality
VHS Basic Kitchen Preparations
DVD Ben & Jerry's
DVD Best of Culinary Bootcamp
VHS Better Banquets Basic Service Skills
VHS Beverage & Food Service
DVD Bobby Flay
DVD Bugs for Breakfast: Food & Culture
DVD Burt Wolf: What We Eat (4-part series)
VHS Busperson
DVD Catering: An Insider's Guide to the Business
STREAMING Catering Contracts
STREAMING Catering Skills: Behind the Scenes
STREAMING Catering Skills: Setting the Scene
VHS Celebrity chefs
DVD Cleaning and Sanitation in the Food Industry
DVD/VHS Colonel Sanders: America's Chicken King
DVD/VHS Cooking Methods (3 Discs - Dry Heat Vol. 1 & 2, Moist Heat)
VHS Cooking Secrets of the CIA: All American Chicken
VHS Cooking Secrets of the CIA: All American Sea food, Part I
VHS Cooking Secrets of the CIA: All American Sea food, Part II
VHS Cooking Secrets of the CIA: All American Steak
DVD/VHS Culinary Knives (CIA Knife Skills Series)
DVD Daily Cafe Operations
DVD/VHS Dave Thomas: Made to Order
DVD Decoding Ferran Adria
DVD/VHS Deconstructing Supper
DVD Designing a Restaurant
VHS Dessert to Check Handling
STREAMING Developments in the Food Industry: Science, Technology, & the Environment
DVD Dining 101
DVD Diet: A Look at Processed Food, Nutrition, and Obesity in the 20th Century
DVD Eating Well for Optimal Health: The Essential Guide to Food, Diet, and Nutrition
DVD Enhanced Selling (Sunrise Basic Training Food Service Series)
VHS Episodes in Kitchen Safety
DVD Etiquette, Manners and Rituals with Food
DVD Exceeding Expectations: Service Tips & Techniques to Keep Your Customers Coming Back
STREAMING Food Planning for Special Occasions
DVD Fast Food Nation
DVD Fast Food Tech
VHS FastTrack Food Safety: An Introduction to Food Safety Essentials
DVD Food & Beverage (3-part series)
VHS Food & Beverage: Quality Service Skills
VHS Food & Beverage: Suggestive Selling
DVD Food Fight: A Story of Culinary Revolt
DVD Food Inc.
DVD Food Preparation and Kitchen Operations
VHS Food Safety the HACCP Way: Safeguarding Against Foodborne Illness
DVD/VHS Food Service Basics of Sauce Making (CIA)
DVD Forks Over Knives
STREAMING Global Food Equity
DVD Go Chi So: Japanese Cuisine
DVD Global Eating: Learning from Other Cultures
STREAMING Good Enough to Eat!: Food Presentation and Service
VHS Great Chef Series with Chef Alfred J. Portale
VHS Great Chef Series with Ed Brown
VHS Great Chef Series with Emily Luchetti
DVD History of American Cuisine
STREAMING History of American Cuisine
DVD How Stuff Works: Food and Beverage
DVD Howard Schultz & Starbucks
DVD Ingredients: The Local Food Movement Takes Root
DVD Investigative Reports: The danger on Our Plates
DVD Julia Child: An Appetite for Life
DVD Kami no Shizuku
DVD Kings of the Kitchen
DVD Le Cirque: A Table in Heaven
VHS Liquid Assets: The Beverage Trade's Role in Restaurant Profitability
STREAMING Math in the Kitchen: Do You Measure Up?
DVD/VHS Milton Hershey: The Chocolate King
DVD Modern Marvels: Coffee
DVD Modern Marvels: Food Trucks
DVD More American Eats
DVD Myths and Taboos
VHS Napkins, The Perfect Accent
DVD NOW Hosted by David Brancaccio. June 5, 2009 : Food, Inc.
DVD Principles of Menu Planning Part 1: What's for dinner? Planning a menu
VHS Professional Dining Room Service
VHS Ray Kroc
DVD/VHS Ray Kroc: Fast-Food McMillionaire
VHS Real Life HAACP Implementation
DVD/VHS Recipe Costing
VHS Reporting Tip Income
DVD Restaurant Economics: Understanding "The Business of Restaurants"
VHS Restaurant Orientation
VHS Sanitation...Is Not an Option
VHS Sanitation: Conquering Kitchen Germs
DVD ServSafe: Steps to Food Safety/ ServSafe: Pasos para la Salubridad de la Comida
DVD ServSafe: Steps to Food Safety (six-in-one video)
VHS Setting the Table
VHS Sharing Knowledge with Paul Bartolotta
VHS Sharing Knowledge with Chef Graham Kerr
VHS Sharing Knowledge with Eric Ripert
VHS Sharing Knowledge with executive chef Gray Kunz
STREAMING Slow Food Revolution
DVD Smart Service for Great Banquets
DVD Startup Experience: Starting a Catering Company
STREAMING Starting a Franchise: The Startup Experience
STREAMING Starting a Restaurant: The Startup Experience
DVD Sunrise Basic Training Food Service Series - Enhanced Selling
DVD Super Size Me
VHS Table-side Service
STREAMING The Art of Food Presentation
DVD The Basics of Garde Manger
STREAMING The Chicken Stampede
VHS The Culinary Institute of America Presents Daniel Boulud
STREAMING The Dark Side of Chocolate: Child Trafficking and Illegal Child Labor in the Cocoa Industry
VHS The Danger On Our Plates
DVD The French Chef with Julia Child
STREAMING The Future of Food: A Looming Crisis
STREAMING The Future of Food: Sustainability and Security
VHS The Genetic Takeover, or, The Mutant Food
DVD The Healthy Palate
DVD The Meaning of Food
DVD/VHS The Stanford Video Guide to Financial Statements: A Tale of Two Restaurants
DVD/VHS World of Food: Tastes and Taboos in Different Cultures

General Management / Leadership / Communication

Format Title
DVD Basics of How to Plan, Write and Give a Winning Presentation
DVD Becoming a Leader: Communication Techniques That Motivate, Guide and Inspire Employees to Excel
DVD Best Practice Workplace Checklist
DVD Body Language: Cultural Differences
DVD Communication Skills: Food Service and Hospitality
DVD Communication Skills for Project and Team Management
DVD Communication Skills for the Workplace
DVD Critical Thinking: Analyzing Problems and Decisions
DVD Cross Cultural Communication: How Culture Affects Communication
VHS Delegation
STREAMING Don't Hesitate, Communicate: Effective Communication in the Office
STREAMING Ethics and Social Responsibility in Business
DVD Everybody's Ethnic: Your Invisible Culture
DVD Exploring Management Styles
STREAMING Financial Management
DVD FISH!: Catch the Energy, Release the Potential
STREAMING Freakonomics with Levitt and Dubner
DVD Gen Y Decoded: Insights and Tactics for Leaders
DVD Go Put Your Strengths to Work
DVD Great Entrepreneurs- Winning & Reinvention: Persistence, Attitude, Success with Howard Schultz and Ray Kroc
DVD Great Leaders: Success Skills from the Corner Office
STREAMING How Bad is Your Boss?
STREAMING How to be Happy! Positive Psychology
VHS Improving Communication Skills
DVD Keep Your Cool: Anger in Conflict
STREAMING Leading with Kindness: Case Studies in Compassionate Management
DVD Listening
STREAMING Management Styles Explained
STREAMING Manager and Friend: the Right Balance
DVD Managing a Complainer
STREAMING Managing Change in a Large Organization
STREAMING Managing Change in Tough Times
DVD Nonverbal Communication and Culture
DVD Nonverbal Communication in the Global Marketplace
VHS Out at Work: A Documentary
VHS Powerful Communication Skills for Women
DVD Principles of Interpersonal Communication
VHS Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams
DVD/VHS Supervisory Skill Builders (9-part series)
VHS Telephone Skills: Basics & Beyond
DVD The Art of Critical Decision Making
DVD The Basics of How to Plan, Write, and Give a Winning Presentation
DVD The Fred Factor: How Passion in Your Work and Life Can Turn the Ordinary into the Extraordinary
DVD The Nine Deadliest Sins of Communication
DVD Them and Us: Prejudice and Self-Understanding
DVD Transferable Skills: What They Are and How You Get Them
DVD Trombone Player Wanted
DVD Workplace Communication Skills
STREAMING Workplace Leadership

Golf & Club Management

Format Title
DVD Adventure Golf. Florida
DVD Essentials of Golf
DVD Excellence Restored: A Guide to Golf Course Renovation
DVD Golf: Links in Time
DVD Hospitality Stories: Clubs and Gaming
DVD Recommendations for a Method of Putting Green Construction
DVD Spirit of the Game II
DVD The Essentials of Golf

Human Resources / Training

Format Title
VHS ADA, Communication and Service Skills
DVD Career Clusters: Hospitality and Tourism
DVD Careers in Hospitality: Service and Adventure
DVD Careers to Consider: The Hospitality Industry
DVD Careers in Hospitality and Tourism
DVD Coaching in Hospitality
VHS Creative Recruiting
DVD Crossing Cultures Effectively
VHS Discipline Today: A Positive Approach
VHS Diversity Works
VHS Effective Interviewing
VHS Employee Retention & Motivation
VHS Firing, The Right Way
DVD Hotel Industry I
DVD Hotel Industry II
VHS How to Train With Video
DVD Introduction to Hospitality
DVD/VHS Performance Appraisals: Getting Results
VHS Recruiting and Interviewing
DVD Sexual Harassment Made Simple
VHS Train the Trainer: Conducting One-on-One Training
VHS Train the Trainer: Leading Group Training
VHS Train the Trainer: Preparing for Training
STREAMING Working in Socially Diverse Environments in the Hospitality Industry
DVD You're Hired: The Basics of Customer Service


Format Title
VHS 10 Minute Trainer: Front Office
VHS 10 Minute Trainer: Guest Service
DVD/VHS 10 minute Trainer: Housekeeping
DVD America's Castles: Florida's Grand Estates
VHS America's Castles: The Grand Resorts- Greenbrier, The Hotel Hershey & Mohonk Mountain House
DVD/VHS America's Castles: The Grand Resorts II- the Grand Hotel, Hotel Del Coronado & Mission Inn
VHS Annual CHRIE Conference Program 1993: Dr. Samuel Betances
DVD Behind the Scenes: Hospitality/Hotels
DVD/VHS Conrad Hilton: Innkeeper to the World
VHS Curb Appeal: Creating Great First Impressions
VHS Deep Cleaning
VHS Designing a Hotel Facility with Consumer-based Marketing Models
DVD Donald J. Trump, Deal Maker
VHS Economy Lodging: Security Management Overview
VHS Extended Stay Guestroom Cleaning
VHS Floor Care
DVD Four Seasons of Isadore Sharp
DVD Front Line to Bottom Line: Revenue Strategies for Lodging Employees
VHS Front Office Skills
VHS Going the Extra Mile: Service Skills for Front Desk Employees
DVD Great Lodges of the National Parks
VHS Guestroom and Bathroom Cleaning
VHS Handling Reservations Properly
DVD Harris Rosen: Entrepreneur of the Year Keynote Address
VHS Hosting International Guests
DVD Hotel Ground Zero
VHS Hotel Security on Trial
VHS Hotel-Motel Careers: Check in Today
VHS Housekeeping: Communications and Motivation
DVD/VHS Housekeeping: Laundry Operations
VHS Housekeeping: Preventing Exposure to Pathogens
VHS Housekeeping: Professional Guestroom Cleaning
DVD/VHS Housekeeping: Quality Guestroom Cleaning
VHS Housekeeping: Safety and Security
VHS Houseperson
DVD Inside a Hotel: The People, the Jobs
DVD Interior Design: Commercial Spaces
STREAMING J.W. Marriott: Host to the World
DVD/VHS J.W. Marriott: Host to the World
VHS Las Vegas Hotels: Desert Fantasy
VHS Laundry
VHS Leona Helmsley: Queen of the Palace
DVD Loews Miami Beach Hotel
VHS Lodging Safetyworks
DVD Operations Management: A Case Study of a Hotel
STREAMING Operations Management: A Case Study of a Hotel
VHS Opryland Hotel
DVD Preventive Guestroom Maintenance New!
VHS Professional Courtesy Van Service
VHS Providing Professional Bell Service
VHS Quality Guestroom Maintenance
VHS Room Service
VHS Sales Tips for Small & Economy Properties
VHS Shaping Change and Changing Minds: Environmental Management for the Lodging Industry
DVD Spick and Span
STREAMING Starting a Bed and Breakfast: The StartUp Experience
STREAMING The Business of Green
DVD The Hiltons
DVD The Ice Hotel
STREAMING The Man Behind the Marriott Empire: Bill Marriott
VHS The World's Largest Hotel
DVD Working in a Large Resort, Case Study: Club Med on Lindeman Island
VHS Workplace Violence: Addressing Workplace Violence in the Lodging Industry
VHS Yield Management: Forecasting
VHS Yield Management: Strategies and Tactics

Marketing / Sales

Format Title
VHS Competitive Edge Sales Strategies for Small Properties
DVD Competitive Marketing in Tourism
VHS Consuming Images
DVD Creating Winning Social Media Strategies
DVD Four Walls Marketing: A Blueprint to More Effective Sales and Marketing
VHS Hospitality Sales: Closing the Sale and Following Up
VHS Hospitality Sales: Making the Sales Call
VHS Hospitality Sales: Overcoming Objections
VHS Hospitality Sales: Preparing for the Sale
DVD How Consumers Decide: Feelings and the Hidden Mind
DVD Marketing a Hotel: Relaunching the Crown
DVD Marketing's four Ps: The Consumer Angle
STREAMING Neuromarketing: Consumers Under the Influence
STREAMING Online Marketing Strategies
VHS Sales: A Winning Formula
DVD Segmenting & Targeting Markets, Case Study: Chocolates a la Carte
STREAMING The 4 P's: Marketing Strategies
DVD Upselling Products

Miscellaneous Hospitality & Tourism

Format Title
VHS ABC News Nightline: Trade Secrets
STREAMING Adventure Travel: Marketing Unique Experiences
DVD Argentina
DVD  Beijing 2008 : The Closing Ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
DVD Bolero and In search of Cezanne
VHS Bullet Trains
DVD Business Ethics for the 21st Century
DVD CEO Exchange: Betting on bigger ideas- How Taking Risks Can Reap Rewards [with Stephen Wynn of Wynn Resorts]
DVD CEO Exchange: Bigger Bang for the Buck- Bringing Value to Middle America [with Darden CEO; at Rosen Coll.]
DVD CEO Exchange: High Energy- Putting the Brakes on Fuel and Transportation Costs [with Southwest Airlines CEO]
DVD CEO exchange: The Dream Team- Turning Big Ideas into Multi-billion Dollar Businesses [Marriott CEO]
DVD Costa Rica : Ecotourism and Economic Development
VHS Danger on the Rails
DVD Design: Understanding the Elements
DVD Ecotourism: What is it?
VHS Glacier Bay National Park- includes Glacier Bay the Grand Design
VHS Highway Hangouts: Celebrating Roadside America
DVD History of the Beach: The Turning Tides of History
DVD Hospitality & Tourism
VHS Hospitality Today: An Introduction
DVD/VHS Human Geography People, Places and Changes [3-part series]
DVD Impacts of Tourism: Economic, Environmental, Social & Cultural
STREAMING India: Medical Tourism
VHS Industry and the Environment
DVD Is Wal-Mart Good for America?
DVD Kaiser
STREAMING Macao: A Chinese Las Vegas?
VHS Mansions, Monuments, & Masterpieces: The Glory Days of Travel
DVD Mega Structures
DVD Minimum Impact: Take only Photos, Leave only Footprints
DVD/VHS Modern Marvels: Las Vegas
DVD More Highway Hangouts: Fun Along the Road
DVD New Green Revolution: Growing the Green Economy
DVD Passion for Sustainability
STREAMING Selling Australia: Branding a Country
DVD Spa: A Comprehensive Introduction
STREAMING Sun and Shadows: The Downside of Tourism in Central America
DVD Sustainable Development: Why Should we Care?
VHS The Canadian Rockies
DVD The Layover. Season 1 : Tony's Favorite Places, From Five Stars to Dive Bar New!
DVD The Real Las Vegas: The Complete Story of America's Neon Oasis
DVD The Silk Road
VHS The Spirit of Hospitality, Light
DVD/VHS The Toured: The Other Side of Tourism in Barbados
DVD The Wall Street Fix
DVD The World's Fastest
DVD Tourism Planning and Development: A Case Study in Sustainability
VHS Video Library of Personal Finance
VHS Voyage to the Galapagos
VHS Water Analysis Techniques Equal Results
VHS Welcome to Hospitality: Check in to Your Future
VHS Welcome to Hospitality: Video Case Studies
DVD World Regional Geography : Russia, Ukraine & TransCaucasus
DVD World Regional Geography: Southeast Asia
DVD World Tourism Case Studies: USA, China, Nepal, Dubai and Africa

Popular Films and TV Series

Format Title
DVD Babette's Feast / Babette's Gaestebud
DVD Big Night
DVD Chef!
DVD Fawlty Towers the Complete Collection
DVD Going My Way
DVD Grand Hotel
VHS Hotel
DVD Hotel Rwanda
DVD Like Water for Chocolate
DVD Mostly Martha
DVD Sideways
DVD Yin Shi Nan Nu / Eat Drink Man Woman

Research & Statistics

Format Title
STREAMING Introduction to Designing Experiments
DVD Qualitative research : Methods in the Social Sciences
DVD Quantitative Research: Methods in the Social Sciences
DVD Research Design: The Experiment
DVD Research Design: The Survey

Security / Risk Management

Format Title
VHS 10 Minute Trainer: Safety
VHS 10 Minute Trainer: Security
DVD Customer Accidents: Third Party Liability
VHS Planning for Emergencies
DVD Risk Management
VHS Safety and Security: Everyone's Job
VHS Security Awareness
DVD Security Awareness: Training for Management
VHS Security Employee: Awareness and Problem Prevention
VHS Security Handling Disturbances
VHS Security Key Control and Guest Privacy
VHS Security Patrolling, Investigating & Documenting
VHS Security: Protecting your Property and Guests
DVD Stay Safe: Awareness Training for Housekeepers


Format Title
VHS From Tension to Teamwork
VHS Guest Service: Building a Professional Team
VHS Increasing Productivity: Teamwork
DVD Teams that Work
STREAMING Teamwork in Hospitality
STREAMING Working Together: Professionalism 101

Theme Parks

Format Title
DVD 2004 Brass Ring Awards
DVD America's Greatest Roller Coaster Thrills [the ultimate scream machines]
DVD Blackfish New!
DVD California Theme Parks
DVD Century of Amusement Parks
DVD/VHS Coney Island
DVD Cypress Gardens: 70 Years of Magic
DVD Disney Parks: Where Dreams Come True
VHS Enter Here: Theme Park Supervisor
DVD Great Old Amusement Parks
DVD International Theme Parks
VHS Janson Video Presents: Amusement Parks- The Pursuit of Fun
VHS Rollercoaster
STREAMING Roller Coaster : Designing Thrill Rides from Start to Finish
DVD Thrill Ride: The Science of Fun
DVD Walt & El Grupo
DVD Walt Disney World

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