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Rosen Library Tutorials FAQ

Ask a Rosen Librarian!

Tim Bottorff
Department Head

This page is designed to answer your "frequently asked questions" regarding the Rosen Library's Research Tutorials.

If you have questions or comments, please contact us at Ask a Rosen Librarian.



What are the Rosen Library's Research Tutorials?

The Rosen Library's Research Tutorials are a set of self-paced, asynchronous tutorials and accompanying quizzes designed to teach Rosen College students the basics of conducting library research. These Tutorials now replace most face-to-face (F2F) library instruction sessions at the Rosen College. We believe the Tutorials improve on the library instruction experience by replacing the traditional F2F lecture and demonstration with a self-paced tutorial that includes opportunities for practice and assessment.

Each Tutorial provides information about selecting a topic, finding books and articles, citing sources, and more. Each Tutorial also features a quiz designed to test students’ comprehension of the material.

Faculty members can assign a quiz as a graded assignment, reinforcing the importance of research skills and ensuring that students acquire the skills necessary to prepare research papers, reports, and presentations.

Tutorials are currently available in seven different subject areas:  1. Food, 2. Lodging, 3. MICE, 4. Theme Parks, 5. Tourism, 6. Hospitality, and 7. General. The Hospitality Tutorial (#6) is designed for hospitality courses that do not fit into one of the five other subcategories. The General Tutorial (#7) is designed for non-hospitality courses that are taught on the Rosen campus, such as English Composition or Fundamentals of Oral Communication.

You can check out the Tutorials at

How do I know if assigning a Tutorial is right for my course?

Generally speaking, a Tutorial will be appropriate for most courses for which F2F library instruction was appropriate: in other words, courses in which students are expected to conduct library research for one or more class assignments (e.g., a research paper, company analysis, presentation, etc.). If you are uncertain whether assigning a Tutorial is a good idea, feel free to contact us to discuss.

How can I sign up to use a Tutorial with a course?

Simply fill out our Instruction Request Form, ideally a week or two before the start of the semester.

After I sign up to use a Tutorial, what happens next?

We will contact you with further instructions. In most cases, we will express enthusiasm and will simply ask that you determine and indicate in your syllabus: 1.) a due date for the quiz, and 2.) how much credit you want to assign to the quiz (e.g., 10 points, 5% of course grade, etc.). Students will complete the quizzes and submit them electronically to the library. We will grade the quizzes and return them to you within five business days following your assigned due date.

If you elect to count a quiz as a course assignment, as we recommend, then we suggest that you contact us a week or two before the start of classes. That will allow time for us to respond and then for you to add the details to your course syllabus.

In a small number of cases, we may suggest that the Tutorials will not meet the needs of your course and will suggest alternatives.

Can I assign a quiz as a voluntary option or as extra credit (instead of as a normal, graded assignment)?

Yes, but the reality is that many students—especially those who most need the information—will not voluntarily seek out such opportunities, so the potential benefit will be greatly reduced. Counting the quiz as a normal, graded assignment will reinforce to students the value you place on research skills and the research process.

That said, if you do assign a quiz as extra credit or similar, we would still appreciate your letting us know by using the Instruction Request Form.

Do you still offer face-to-face (F2F) library instruction sessions?

We still offer a limited number of F2F sessions—for example, for courses with assignments that require unique or unusual research skills, for some graduate or general education courses, and so on. However, we do expect that the vast majority of library instruction requests will be well addressed by the Tutorials. If you have any questions about whether a Tutorial or F2F library instruction session would be more appropriate for your course, please Ask a Rosen Librarian.

Won’t some students end up doing the Tutorials multiple times?

Possibly, but it is unlikely that a student will be assigned to take the same quiz multiple times within the same semester. From semester to semester the quiz for each tutorial will also change. Even in the rare cases where a student might be exposed to the same content more than once, this is hardly a major problem: most students benefit from repetition and reinforcement of library research skills.

How long will it take students to complete a Tutorial and accompanying Quiz?

While the time will vary based on a student’s reading speed, comprehension, previous experience, and other factors, we estimate that most students should be able to complete a Tutorial and accompanying quiz in 30-45 minutes.

Won’t students be able to cheat (share answers, etc.) on the quiz?

Possibly, but no more so than with any assignment completed outside of the classroom. Plus, we update the quizzes frequently and employ other little tricks to thwart mindless cheating. Students who really want to cheat will likely find a way to do so.  But those are the same students who are already cheating on other assignments—and, as the saying goes, are really “only cheating themselves.”

What if I have other questions or concerns?

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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