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Intro to Hospitality Industry Research

The Rosen Library's Intro to Hospitality Research module will guide you through the process of conducting research on the hospitality industry for class assignments. Each section includes information on a different step of the research process, including:

  • Why we perform research
  • Finding books & articles
  • Types of information sources
  • Citing your sources


There is a short quiz at the end of the tutorial designed to test what you have learned in the module.


After completing the Research Module, you will be able to:  

  1. Identify concepts, synonyms, and related terms for the information needed
  2. Find information effectively and efficiently using library resources
  3. Identify the purpose and audience of potential resources (e.g. scholarly verses popular periodicals)
  4. Acknowledge sources of information using a citation style
  5. Apply information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose

We are committed to providing a module that is accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of technology or ability. Should you experience any difficulty in accessing the hospitality research module, please contact us.


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Last updated August 13, 2014 3:56:48 PM

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