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Hospitality Research:


This guide is designed to help you find industry statistics, demographics, and economic information. For more assistance, please Ask a Rosen Librarian.

A printable version of this guide is also available:
 Stats PDF (69 KB).

Important General Advice

Don't Reinvent the Wheel - Often, you do not need to look specifically for statistics. Instead, you may simply need to use the standard library tools (library catalog, research databases, etc.) to help you find good books and articles on your topic—which will usually contain many statistics you can use.

Be Realistic - Be forewarned that no one source may provide all the data you need—you may have to piece together information from several sources. And, in some cases, the best available data may be a few years older or on a different scale (e.g., state level rather than county level) than you desire.

When All Else Fails - Sometimes your only option may be to contact agencies that track the kind of statistics you are seeking. A polite phone call or email often yields surprisingly good results.

U.S. Hospitality/Tourism Statistics

No. Title Location
1 Beverage Statistics (from City College of San Francisco)
2 Bureau of Labor Statistics
3 Bureau of Transportation Statistics
4 Business and Convention Travelers Rosen REF G156.5. B86 B87
5 Convene Meetings Industry Forecast AS6 .C66 – see November issue
6 Cruise Lines International Association Research
7 Domestic Travel Market Report Rosen REF G155 .U6 T87
8 Economic Review of Travel in America Rosen REF G155 .U6 E32
9 Industry Research from the National Restaurant Association
10 Leisure Market Research Handbook Rosen REF GV174 .M55
11 Meetings and Conventions 2008 Meetings Market Report AS6 .M447 – see August issue
12 Nation's Restaurant News Top 100 Chain & Company Rankings Rosen REF TX945 .N28
13 Outlook for Travel & Tourism Rosen REF G155 .U6 M273
14 Professional Convention Management Association Resources
15 Quickservice Restaurant Trends Rosen REF TX945 .Q52
16 Restaurant Industry Forecast Rosen REF TX943 .N38
17 Restaurant Industry Operations Report Rosen TX909 .A1 R47
18 Tableservice Restaurant Trends Rosen REF TX909 .A1 T32
19 Theme Park Statistics (from IAAPA)
20 Timeshare Industry Research from ARDA
21 Travel Across the Generations Rosen REF G155.8 .U6 T7 2006
22 Travel and Leisure Market Research Handbook Rosen REF G155 .U6 T74
23 Travel and Tourism Works for America Rosen REF G155 .U6 T746
24 Trends in the Hotel Industry (USA ed.) Rosen REF TX909 .A1 H3
25 U.S. Travel Association
26 Youth Travel Matters: Understanding the Global Phenomenon of Youth Travel Rosen REF G156.5 .Y6 Y68 2008

Note: Sources #42, 47, 49-51, 54, 58, 60, 63-68, & 72 below also contain some U.S. hospitality / tourism statistics

Florida & Central Florida Hospitality/Tourism Statistics

 No. Title Location
27 Florida County Selection Map
28 Florida Statistical Abstract Rosen REF HA311 .F55
29 Florida Visitor Study Rosen REF G155 .U6 F5
30 Orlando Business Journal Book of Lists Rosen REF HC108 .O7 B4
31 Orlando/Orange County Convention and Visitors Bureau – Research section
32 Orlando Sentinel Newspaper
33 UCF Statistics
34 Visit Florida Website - Research Section

Note: Sources #25 above and #40, 41, & 64 below also contain some Florida statistics

Other State/City Hospitality/Tourism Statistics

 No. Title Location
35 Try the city's convention/visitor's bureau, chamber of commerce, or government website Usually easily found with an Internet search engine
36 Guide to State Government Home Pages (use to find the state's tourism dept. or similar agency)
37 Guide to State Statistical Abstracts (use to find the state's statistical abstract or similar source)
38 Impact of Travel on State Economies Rosen REF G155 .U6 I48
39 Survey of U.S. State & Territory Tourism Office Budgets Rosen REF G155 .U6 U58

Note: Sources #25 above and #64 below also contain some city/state statistics

International Hospitality/Tourism Statistics

No. Title Location
40 Compendium of Tourism Statistics Rosen REF G155 .A1 T5896
41 Country Reports (Mintel) Rosen REF G155 .A1 I6
42 Emerging Tourism Markets: China and India Rosen REF G155.8 .U6 E4
43 International Association Meetings Market 1997-2006 Rosen REF AS6 .I58 2007
44 Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Industry Research
45 Office of Travel & Tourism Industries (OTTI)
46 Pacific Asia Travel Association Statistics
47 TEA/ERA Attraction Attendance Report (2009)
48 Tourism 2020 Vision: Global Forecasts and Profiles of Market Segments Rosen REF G155 .A1 T682
49 Tourism Market Trends set (includes volumes on America, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and World) Rosen REF G155 [varies]
50 World Tourism Organization (WTO) – Facts & Figures section
51 World Travel & Tourism Council Publications
52 Yearbook of Tourism Statistics Rosen REF G155 .A1 A62

Note: Source #70 below also contains some international hospitality/tourism statistics


No. Title Location
53 American FactFinder
54 American Generations: Who They Are and How They Live Rosen REF HC110 .C6 M545 2008
55 County & City Data Book
56 Simply Map

Note: Sources #2, 23, 24, 28, & 30 above and #58-73 also contain demographic data

Consumer Spending/Buying Power/Lifestyle Patterns

No. Title Location
57 Best Customers: Demographics of Consumer Demand Rosen REF HC79 .C6 R87 2005
58 Consumer Expenditure Survey (Bureau of Labor Stats)
59 Demographics of Consumer Food Spending Rosen REF HD9004 .D35
60 Leisure Travel Planning: How Consumers Make Travel Decisions Rosen REF G155.7 .L45 2005
61 Rand McNally Commercial Atlas Rosen REF G1200 .R32
62 Restaurant & Foodservice Market Research Handbook Rosen REF TX901 .R47
63 Travel & Tourism Market Research Handbook Rosen REF G155 .U6 T74
64 Travelers' Use of the Internet Rosen REF G155 .U6 T76
65 Who's Buying Alcoholic and Nonalcoholic Beverages Rosen REF HD9348 .U52 W46
66 Who's Buying at Restaurants and Carry-outs Rosen REF TX945 .W48
67 Who's Buying for Travel Rosen REF G155 .U6 W65

Note: Sources #1, 7-11, 25, 50, & 55-57 above and #71-73, 75, & 79 below also contain consumer spending information

Miscellaneous U.S. Statistical Sources

No. Title Location
68 FedStats
69 Lexis Nexis Statistical database
70 UCF Libraries Resources for Statistics, Demographics, and Census page
71 Statistical Abstract of the United States or Rosen REF HA202

U.S. Economics

No. Title Location
72 2007 Economic Census Data
73 Bureau of Economic Analysis
74 Economic Briefing Room
75 EDGAR database
76 FL Office of Economic & Demographic Research

Note: Sources #8, 29, 30, 40, 41, & 55-69 above and #80 & 83-87 below also contain some U.S. economic information

International Economics

No. Title Location
77 CIA World Factbook
78 Cyberschoolbus (United Nations)
79 Eurostat (European Union)
80 International Monetary Fund (IMF)
81 Org. for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
82 World Development Indicators (WorldBank)
83 World Development Reports (WorldBank)
84 World Trade Organization (WTO): Economic Research and Analysis section

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A printable version of this guide is also available: Stats PDF (69 KB)

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