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An electronic book is exactly the same as the printed version of the book, except that the complete, full text of the book is available online. The UCF Libraries purchases selected electronic books and lists these books in its online catalog for the convenience of UCF students, faculty, and staff.

A printable version of this guide is also available: eBooks PDF (107 KB).

Finding Electronic Books Using the UCF Library Catalog

Let's say you are looking for books about event planning. If you search for event planning in the UCF Library Catalog, your results may look something like this:

search results

Keyword search for event planning

The first record listed is an electronic book, indicated by the E-Book icon.

You can access an electronic book from the library catalog by clicking on the blue hyperlink. The book will open in the appropriate database or website, where you will be able to read the book in its entirety or navigate to specific chapters using the search tools provided. Printing and saving capabilities will vary by database.

Note: If you are off-campus, you may be prompted to log in with your PID & PID Password or UCF library card number before using electronic resources.

To limit a search in the catalog to only electronic resources, click on "ONLINE" under the Library/Collection option on the left side menu.

search results

Narrowing search results to e-books

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