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UCF ILL Policies

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Lending Unit?

The Lending Unit is part of the Interlibrary Loan Department at the University of Central Florida Libraries.

The Lending Unit receives requests from other libraries throughout the world for materials that are owned by the University of Central Florida. We verify the request, pull the requested item(s) and either digitally scan or mail the item to the requesting institution.

Who do we accept requests from? Who do we not accept requests from?

The Lending Unit will only accept requests from other libraries. Individuals requesting a book from our institution must submit a request to their local library. Their local library will submit the request on their behalf.

Which consortial and reciprocal agreements do we honor?

We belong to the following consortiums: State University Libraries (SUL), Central Florida Library Consortium (CFLC), Florida Library Information Network (FLIN), Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL), Solinet and SOLINE/SO6.

The University Libraries also maintain reciprocal borrowing agreements with many individual libraries. We would welcome new mutually beneficial agreements. Libraries in which we have reciprocal agreements with are not charged.

How can you submit a request?

We will only accept requests via OCLC or our webpage. ALA, phone requests or hand-carried requests will not be accepted.

What is our OCLC symbol?

Our OCLC symbol is FTU.

Do we accept RUSH requests?

While we accept RUSH requests, we will not process any RUSH request without prior approval via a phone call (407-823-3065). No RUSH requests will be processed after 3:00 p.m. Eastern. There is a $25.00 additional fee plus shipping charges for all RUSH requests outside of our reciprocal agreements.

What do we not lend?

Audio-Visual materials, archival materials, items housed at the Curriculum Materials Center (CMC), items on reserve (will make photocopies if possible), reference materials, bound periodicals, current periodicals and current newspapers.

What is the loan period for items?

* 56 days for most returnables

Do we allow renewals?

Unfortunately, no we do not allow renewal requests.

What do we charge?

Historically, the University of Central Florida has not charged a fee for loaning returnables to other institutions within the state. As of August 15, 2004, we will begin to charge the following:

  Copies Loans
Non Profit $15.00 IFM OR $20.00 INVOICE $15.00 IFM OR $20.00 INVOICE
International Libraries $17.00 IFM, $20.00 INVOICE, OR 2 IFLA VOUCHER $25.00 IFM OR $30.00 INVOICE
For Profit $25.00 IFM OR $30.00 INVOICE $25.00 IFM OR $30.00 INVOICE
Commercial Document Delivery Companies $30.00 INVOICE or IFM $30.00 INVOICE or IFM

How do we accept payment?

We prefer to use IFM, but will accept invoices and IFLA vouchers.

How many reels of microfilm will be lent out at one time?

Up to 5 reels will be lent per request.

Do we lend government documents?

The University of Central Florida is a partial U.S. and a full state depository. We would be happy to lend items from the government documents collection.

Do we fill patent requests?


Does the Lending Unit close or have reduced services during part of the year?

The Lending Unit will stop sending out returnables starting the second week in December to non-courier institutions. We will continue to digitally scan (Ariel) articles to all institutions. We will resume full services in January.

How long will it take to have materials sent to the requesting institution?

In general, we process requests within 24 hours receipt and make all attempts to fill the requests within 48 hours. Returnables are mailed via courier service in Florida (DLLI), and United States Parcel Service – library rate. Borrowing libraries may request UPS or FedEx providing that all expenses are incurred.

All attempts will be made to send the article via Ariel or to the lending institution’s email account. Otherwise, all articles will be mailed out using DLLI courier service or by First Class mail.

What is our overdue policy?

When an item is 10 days overdue, a first overdue notice will be sent. ILL will send a replacement cost invoice 40 days later.

How are invoices sent?

Invoices are sent once a month. If you have questions about the invoices, contact (407) 823-3065.

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