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Tutorial for Information Literacy in Education


TILE Finale

TILE was developed to help students get a better understanding of the strategies and resources they can use in the research process. This tutorial starts off with information about planning your topic and includes information on determining the best resources to use, proper searching, evaluating the material you find, and ends with ways to use the information you have found and critically evaluated. Each module includes step by step instructions and practice. It is recommended you start with Module 1 and work your way through the modules in order. The six modules in TILE are based on ACRL Information Literacy standards.

TILE is best viewed with Internet Explorer and makes heavy use of Flash. You will need the latest Flash player in order to view TILE. It should take about 30 minutes to complete. When you finish a module use the menu at the right to move on to the next module. To begin click on "Module 1."

Special thanks to Corinne Bishop for her tireless efforts on TILE and in the support of Information Literacy everywhere.

Last updated April 04, 2013 3:34:04 PM

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