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Open access gives scholars the ability to share their work with others. Under the open access model, work is provided at no cost to the user and is available to all via online access.

There are many benefits associated with the open access model. Open access makes it easier for researchers to reach their entire audience and makes their work easier for other researchers to discover. Institutions and their students benefit by gaining access to materials they might have otherwise been unable to afford. The public gains access to information that would otherwise remain inaccessible to those without subscriptions, and funding agencies (and often times, tax payers) see a better return on their investment.

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Where to Publish

When choosing where to publish your scholarly work, consider supporting the open access model by publishing in reputable journals that allow you to self-archive your work or with publishers who provide immediate public access to your work via their website.

Author Rights

Did you know that you own the copyright to any scholarly work you create unless you give that right away? As soon as your work is in a tangible form (a Word document, a web site, a recording), the copyright is yours.  Learn more about your rights as an author.

Expanding Access – Discovery Support

There are many ways researchers and authors can promote discovery of their papers and datasets. Authors can increase the impact of their article by writing an optimized abstract, proactively submitting information about the paper to relevant forums, and providing persistent links to the full text.

Citation metrics

Metrics that go beyond providing simple citation searches, that drill down to the level of individual article usage, provide a comprehensive picture of an article’s impact within the scholarly community. Traditional citation counts and H-Index rankings are still a valid piece of the metrics puzzle, but with expanding digital access to scholarly work, new ways to measure impact provide additional, valid data to illustrate the value of your work.

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