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Did you know that you own the copyright to any scholarly work you create unless you give that right away? As soon as your work is in a tangible form (a Word document, a web site, a recording), the copyright is yours.

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You own the right to…

Reproduce your work

Distribute your work

Prepare derivative works

Publicly display or perform your work

Authorize others to do any of the above

Publication Agreements

If you are interested in retaining certain rights to your scholarly work, adding a copyright addendum to your publisher’s agreement may be the solution. Creative Commons has provided an “addendum engine” that will generate a personalized PDF addendum with the agreement type you select.

Create Your Addendum

UCF’s Rights to Works by University Personnel

The “Copyright and Works” regulation describes rights in copyright for works created at the University. This regulation also expresses the University’s policy to encourage university personnel to produce copyrightable works that contribute to their professional stature, public knowledge, and the University’s mission. As part of encouraging the production of works, the University disclaims certain interests and shares the benefits of others with the University personnel who create the works.

For details regarding the University of Central Florida rights to your scholarly work, please review University Regulation 2.033 “Copyright and Works”.

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