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Rosen Library Tutorials

Tutorials are available in seven different subject areas.  Each tutorial will guide you through the process of conducting research in a subject area, including assistance with:

  • General advice and topic selection
  • Finding major reference works
  • Finding books on your topic
  • Finding articles on your topic
  • Finding websites on your topic
  • Citing your sources

The various sections of the tutorial will utilize text, screen shots, and short videos to explain the research process.  Links to other guides and pages will also be provided throughout the tutorial.

If you have been assigned one of the tutorials for a class, you may be asked to complete a short quiz after finishing the tutorial.

After completing the library tutorial, you will be able to:

        1) Identify concepts, synonyms, and related terms for the information needed
        2) Find information effectively and efficiently using library resources
        3) Identify the purpose and audience of potential resources (e.g. scholarly verses popular periodicals)
        4) Acknowledge sources of information using a citation style
        5) Apply information effectively to accomplish a purpose

Navigating Through the Tutorials

You may navigate sequentially through the sections of each tutorial by clicking on the Next and Previous buttons on each screen:


Or you may skip to different sections by clicking on the subtopic tabs at the top of each screen:

Overview Reference Books Catalog Articles Databases Websites Citations Quiz

To get started, simply click on one of the seven subject area tabs:

Food Lodging MICE Theme Park Tourism Hospitality General

If you have any questions about the tutorials, or need further research assistance, please contact us at Ask a Rosen Librarian.

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