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Lodging Industry

After consulting reference works and circulating books on your topic, you are ready to begin looking for articles in journals, magazines, and newspapers.

Articles are typically useful for their up-to-date and focused treatment of subjects. However, there are many different kinds of articles, and some professors will stipulate that you use only certain types of articles in your assignments. Here is an overview of three types of articles --popular, trade, and scholarly --each having different merits and drawbacks.



Definition & Use: Also known as peer-reviewed or refereed periodicals, scholarly periodicals publish original research and commentary on developments within a specific discipline. Articles are signed, often lengthy, include minimal illustrations and advertisements, and almost always include a bibliography. Scholarly journals are usually peer-reviewed, meaning that articles are evaluated by one or more subject experts (referees). Scholarly articles are useful for their original and rigorous approaches to problems by experts in a particular field. Students can almost always use scholarly articles in their research, although they may need to supplement such research with books or other sources of information.



Definition & Use: Also known as professional, industry-specific, or special interest periodicals, trade periodicals are "devoted to disseminating news and information of interest to a specific category of business or industry, often published by a trade association" (Rietz). Articles in trade periodicals are usually short to medium-length, may or may not be signed, usually contain some advertisements or illustrations, and may or may not contain a bibliography. Trade journals are useful for their coverage of industry trends, practices, and opinions. Students may generally use trade journals but should often supplement research in them with material from scholarly articles, books, or other sources of information.



Definition & Use: Popular periodicals usually contain short articles on a variety of topics written by various authors in an informal style. Articles are sometimes unsigned and usually do not include a bibliography. Popular publications usually contain illustrations or advertisements and are usually sold at newsstands or in bookstores. They are useful for their coverage of current events and popular opinion, but should be used sparingly in research and supplemented with material from trade or scholarly journals, books, or other sources of information.

The following periodicals are available in print in the library and are just a few of our items that may contain helpful information about the lodging industry. To find articles on a specific topic, you may need to use one of our databases.  A  scholarly cap  denotes a scholarly (peer-reviewed) source.

bullet  American Spa bullet Lodging
bullet Developments (Vacation Industry) bullet Lodging Hospitality
scholarly cap FIU Hospitality & Tourism Review bullet Resort Trades
bullet Florida Restaurant & Lodging bullet Resort Trades Management & Operations
bullet Hotel & Motel Management bullet Spa Management
bullet Hotel Business bullet Vacation Industry Review

Some hospitality periodicals, such as Cornell Hospitality Quarterly and Hotels, are moving from print to electronic versions. You can find these and other periodicals online by clicking on Online Journals and typing in the journal title.

In addition, special issues of periodicals often contain statistics, reports, and other current industry information that can be difficult to find elsewhere. See the Special Journal Issues page for more information.

While browsing our periodical shelves can help familiarize you with a subject, sometimes a more precise search for articles on a specific Lodging Industry topic is needed. In this case, you will usually need to search in one of our databases or OneSearch, which are the subjects of the next section in this tutorial.

For additional information on the different types of articles, see the Rosen Research guide on Scholarly, Trade, or Popular? (A Guide to Understanding Periodicals).

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