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Hospitality Research:
Travel & Tourism Industry


This guide is designed to help you begin researching topics relating to the travel and tourism industries. For more assistance, please Ask a Rosen Librarian.

A printable version of this guide is also available:
 Travel & Tourism PDF (48 KB).

Finding Books

Reference Sources
It is often a good idea to begin your research in the following types of sources, which are designed to be consulted for topic overview or for authoritative information. In many cases, they contain vital information that cannot be found anywhere else. A    denotes a core resource.

  General Travel & Tourism Call Number
Compendium of Tourism Statistics Rosen REF G155.A1 T5896
Encyclopedia of Leisure and Outdoor Recreation Rosen REF GV11 .E55 2003
Encyclopedia of Recreation and Leisure in America Rosen REF GV53 .E53 2004
International Dictionary of Hosp. Mgmt. Rosen REF TX905 .I57 2008
Key Concepts in Tourism Rosen REF G155.A1 L585 2007
Plunkett's Airline, Hotel, & Travel Industry Almanac Rosen REF G155 .A1 T682
SAGE Handbook of Hospitality Management Rosen REF TX911.3.M27S14 2008
SAGE Handbook of Tourism Studies Rosen REF G155.7.S24 2009
Tourism Society's Dictionary for the Tourism Industry Rosen REF G155.A1 C517 2008
Travel & Tourism Market Research Handbook Rosen REF G155.U6 T74 2007
World Travel Guide Rosen REF G153.4 .W67
Yearbook of Tourism Statistics Rosen REF G155.A1 A62
U.S. Travel & Tourism Call Number
Domestic Travel Market Report Rosen REF G155 .U6 T87 2007
Economic Review of Travel in America Rosen REF G155 .U6 E32
Florida Visitor Study Rosen REF G155.U6F5
Impact of Travel on State Economies Rosen REF G155.U6 I48
National Leisure Travel Monitor Rosen REF G155 .U6 R932 2004
Outlook for Travel and Tourism Rosen REF G155.U6 M273
Survey of U.S. State and Territory Tourism Offices Rosen REF G155 .U6 U58
Tourism Works for America: Travel Industry Snapshots Rosen REF G155.A2 U52
Travel and Tourism Works for America Rosen REF G155 .U6 T746
U.S. Domestic Business & Convention Travel Rosen REF G156.5.B86 U84 2006
U.S. Domestic Leisure Travel Rosen REF G155.8.U6 T73 2005
International Travel & Tourism Call Number
Chinese Outbound Travel Market Rosen REF G155.C6 C57 2008
Country Reports (TTI/Mintel) Rosen PER G155 .A1 I6
Craighead's Int'l Business, Travel, & Relocation Guide Rosen REF HF5549.5.E45 D56
CultureGrams Rosen REF GT150 .C85 2004
Emerging International Tourism Markets Rosen REF G155 .U6 E44 2004
Emerging Tourism Markets: China & India Rosen REF G155.8.U6 E4 2006
Indian Outbound Travel Market Rosen REF DS432.5.I593 2009
International Outlook for Travel and Tourism Rosen REF G155 .U6 T72 2005
Online Metrics Handbook for Travel Marketers Rosen REF G155.A1 G74 2007
Russian Outbound Travel Market Rosen REF G155.R8.R88 2009
Tourism Market Trends (includes volumes on America, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and World) Rosen REF G155 [varies]
Tourism in OECD Countries Rosen REF G155.O27 T68 2008
Geography, Maps, Atlases Call Number
Essential World Atlas Rosen REF G1021.H36 2008
National Geographic Atlas of the World Rosen REF G1021 .N38 2005
Rand McNally Commercial Atlas & Marketing Guide Rosen REF G1200 .R32
Specific Kinds of Tourism or Special Topics Call Number
Casino Dictionary: Gaming and Business Terms Rosen REF GV1301.H295 2007
Complete Guide to Cruising and Cruise Ships Rosen REF G550.W37 2008
Cruise Industry News Annual Rosen REF G550 .C79 2005
Dictionary for Air Travel and Tourism Activities Rosen REF HE9768 .M37 2008
Encyclopedia of Tourism & Recreation in Marine Environments Rosen REF G155.A1E4296 2008
Event Tourism: Critical Concepts in Tourism Rosen REF G155.A1E93 2010
Golf Travel in the U.S. Rosen REF GV981 .G68 2009
Leisure Travel Planning: How Consumers Make Decisions Rosen REF G155.7 .L45 2005
Literature of Travel and Exploration: An Encyclopedia Rosen REF G465 .L565 2003
Travel Across the Generations Rosen REF G155.8.U6 T7 2006
Travel Weekly: Ultimate Hotel Guide Rosen REF G155.A1 T671
Traveler's Use of the Internet Rosen REF G155.U6 T76
Who's Buying for Travel Rosen REF G155 .U6 W65 2008
Youth Travel Matters: Understanding the Global Phenomenon of Youth Travel Rosen REF G156.5.Y6 Y68 2008

The above lists are not comprehensive, and certain travel and tourism topics may be covered in sources listed on the Rosen Research Guides on Statistics/Demographics, on Marketing, or on the Lodging Industry.

Circulating books relating to the travel and tourism industries are generally found in the following call number ranges:

  • G149 - G550, especially G154 - G163 (general travel/tourism)
  • G550 and G153.4 (cruise industry)
  • HE9700 - HE9900 and TL685 - TL726 (airlines, airports, air travel)
  • KFs (travel/tourism law)
  • TX907.2 (some travel guidebooks)

In addition, in the field of tourism, some books are issued in a series, with multiple volumes being published over the course of several years. Sometimes these series contain vital research, but usually the only way to discover such research is to consult the books occasionally and check the table of contents. Some of the more important series of this type are listed below:

  Circulating Scholarly Series Call Number
Advances in Culture, Tourism, & Hospitality Research G155.7 .A38
Advances in Hospitality & Leisure TX911 .A38
International Tourism: The Great Turning Point G155.A1 F6726
Progress in Tourism Recreation & Hospitality Management G155.A1 P76
Publications of the International Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism G155.A1 A78
Trends and Issues in Global Tourism G155.A1 T745
Sustainable Tourism G156.5.E26 I58

For more information about the location of books, consult the library catalog.

Library Catalog
Through the UCF Library Catalog, you can locate books, journals, audiovisuals, government documents, and other types of materials.  You can search the catalog by Keyword, Author, Title, Subject, and many other ways. For assistance with searching the UCF Library Catalog, see the Rosen Research Guide on Finding Books, or Ask a Rosen Librarian.

Finding Articles

Browsing Periodicals
The following periodicals are available in print in the library and may contain helpful information about the travel and tourism industries. General hospitality/tourism periodicals may also have relevant material on the industry. To find articles on a specific topic, you may need to use one of our databases. A    denotes a scholarly (peer-reviewed) source.

Conde Nast's Traveler Leisure Management
Cruise Industry News Leisure Opportunities
Cruise Travel National Geographic
FIU Hospitality & Tourism Review National Geographic Traveler
Hospitality Law Porthole: Cruise Magazine
Information Technology & Tourism Tourism Analysis
International Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Administration Tourism & Hospitality Research
Journal of Heritage Tourism Tourism Culture & Communication
Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management Tourism Economics
Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Education Tourism in Marine Environments
Journal of Human Resources in Hospitality & Tourism Tourism Recreation Research
Journal of Quality Assurance in Hospitality & Tourism Tourism Review International
Journal of Sustainable Tourism Tourist Attractions & Parks
Journal of Teaching in Travel & Tourism Travel & Leisure
Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing Travel Weekly
Journal of Travel Research Vacation Industry Review
Journal of Vacation Marketing World Tourism Barometer

To find articles from journals, magazines, and newspapers about your topic, you need to use one of UCF's databases. (If you are off campus, refer to the Off Campus Access page to find out how to access the databases using your UCF ID.)

To find databases that are typically most useful for the study of hospitality, click on the Database Locator tab on our homepage, and then choose the subject Hospitality. Useful databases for travel and tourism research include:

  • Hospitality & Tourism Complete: Includes scholarly research and industry news relating to all areas of hospitality and tourism, with coverage from the 1960s to the present.
  • Leisure Tourism Abstracts: Indexes journals from the fields of leisure, recreation, sport, hospitality, tourism, and culture, with coverage from the 1970s to the present.
  • ABI Inform: A general business database that indexes articles on advertising, marketing, economics, human resources, corporate strategies and tactics, management techniques, product information, company histories, and more, with coverage from the early 1900s to to the present.
  • Business Source Premier: A general business database that indexes articles in business, management, economics, finance, banking, investment, and more, with coverage from the 1960s to the present.
  • Business & Industry: Includes information from industry publications, newsletters, and newspapers about companies, industries, products, and markets, from the mid-90s to the present.
  • IBISWorld: Provides full-text reports on many U.S. industries, including many in the travel sector (e.g., RV parks, travel agencies, tour operators, etc.).
  • Mintel: Provides full-text reports on many U.S. and European markets, including dozens in the travel sector (e.g., airlines, car rental, cruises, snow sports, young adult travel, etc.).
  • MarketLine Advantage: Provides full-text international market research reports, including several in the travel sector (e.g., airlines, casinos, foodservice, hotels, etc.).

For a more detailed overview of how to use our databases, see the Rosen Research Guide on Finding Articles.

Finding Other Materials

Vertical Files
We have a small selection of industry catalogs, directories, menus, etc., that may be helpful for certain types of projects. Ask a library staff member if you wish to see this material.

The Internet is generally not a good place to find scholarly information on the travel and tourism industries. However, you may wish to explore the websites listed on our Helpful Websites page.

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A printable version of this guide is also available: Travel & Tourism PDF (48 KB)

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