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Spring Regular Hours
Mon-Thurs 7:45am - 9:00pm
Friday 7:45am - 5:00pm
Saturday 8:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday Closed

Please Note:

The CMC is closed during semester breaks, holidays and football game day.

Education Complex, ED 194
P.O. Box 162666
Orlando, FL 32816-2666
Phone: (407) 823-2791
Fax: (407) 823-3984


Directions/Campus Map

Services for Students


The CMC staff strive to serve the needs of every patron. Please let us know if you need additional assistance. CMC copiers and printers are configured to be ADA compliant and accessible to patrons with physical disabilities. Assisted software is available for use in the Main Library.

Cash to Card Machine

The CMCs Cash to Card machine is located near the front entrance of the library next to the photocopiers. The Cash to Card machine allows you to add money to your UCF ID Card, which may then be used to pay for copying or printing from the library PCs and laptops or for laminating. If students do not have their UCF ID, they can purchase a guest copy card for $1.00. You must add money to card after purchasing.

UCF ID cards can carry a maximum value of $100.00 in "Purse 1," the purse used for photocopying, printing and other small purchases. Patrons are encouraged to keep their "Purse 1" balance relatively low in case a card is lost or stolen since the value in "Purse 1" cannot be refunded back onto the card. Additional information about adding money to your UCF ID card is available on the UCF Card Services website. (Note: The CMC does not keep cash to make change for printing, copying, or laminating charges.)


The CMC provides access to 27 PCs and 12 Netbooks. All computers have Internet access and are equipped with the following software applications: Microsoft Office, Geometer's Sketchpad 4.0, Kidspiration, Inspiration, and Hot Potatoes. SPSS is available on the 4 PCs located next to the Biography collection.

Lost Cards/Items

Lost UCF ID cards will be temporarily held in the CMC's lost and found box at the front desk. The library returns lost cards to the UCF Card Office on the main campus at the end of every semester. Lost cards can be redeemed by presenting identification that matches the name and signature on the card. Lost items are turned into either the UCF police or the Main lost and found located in the Student Union. Stop at the CMC Service Desk to ask about lost items.

Photocopying & Printing

The CMC has two black/white photocopiers, which are located near the main entrance. The copiers accept the UCF ID card, bills, or coins. Copies cost $.10 cents per page for white 8" x 11" letter size and 8" x 14" legal size,  $.20 cents for 11: x 17" large paper. Basic features can be set to increase/decrease copy size and lighten/darken copies. CMC photocopiers print double-sided copies via manual tray. The Copy machine cannot fax or scan.

A black and white printer is available for printing from all PCs and laptops in the CMC. The printer is located in the library's computer center. Printing is $.10 cents per page and is paid for with a UCF ID card only. Color printing is available at a cost of $.50 cents per page. The color printing can be picked up in the the CMC.

Production Lab

The CMC Production Lab provides access to production and multimedia equipment that can be used in preparing class projects. Lab resources include two Ellison Letter machines, a large roll laminator, overhead and opaque projectors, paper cutters, and a spiral binding machine. The lab also contains two multi-media workstations; each with 27-inch color TV monitors and combination DVD/VCR Record/players. Tape recorders are available for checkout. A digital camera and digital camcorder are available for in-library use.


Refund requests for money lost due to copier or printer malfunctions should be made to the Photocopy Services Office (407-823-5952) in the main Library. Patrons who have problems using their UCF ID card should contact the UCF Card Office (407-823-2100). Patrons should first contact the Circulation Desk in the CMC.

Study Rooms

The CMC has two group study room that are generally available on a first-come, first-served basis. To check on room availability, stop at the CMC Service Desk.


Please share your comments and questions with us. Send emails to CMC or call 407-823-2791.

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