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Spring Regular Hours
Mon-Thurs 7:45am - 9:00pm
Friday 7:45am - 5:00pm
Saturday 8:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday Closed

Please Note:

The CMC is closed during semester breaks, holidays and football game day.

Education Complex, ED 194
P.O. Box 162666
Orlando, FL 32816-2666
Phone: (407) 823-2791
Fax: (407) 823-3984


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CMC Orientation F.A.Q.

What is the CMC?

The Curriculum Materials Center (CMC), is a division of the University of Central Florida Libraries, is located in the Education Complex, ED 194. The CMC provides representative K-12 materials for preview, analysis and circulation, primarily to the students and faculty of the College of Education. Anyone with a valid UCF I.D. may check out materials from the CMC. The CMC is even here after you graduate. Students who have graduated but who still wish to use services what we offer are invited to do so. We have several courtesy cards (prices vary based on service, please contact us for further details) which will allow any patron to add money to them which will allow you to pay for printing and laminating. If a Patron wishes to check out materials they may visit the Main U.C.F. Library and inquire about a special borrowers card.

Please make sure to have your UCF ID for checking out materials, reserve items and study rooms (A valid Driver’s License will ONLY be acceptable for in library use of FTCE Study Guides)

What are some services offered at the CMC?

We at the CMC provide an array of services for our patrons.

Computers – The CMC has 24 computers for patrons to use. There is no sign up list so it’s a first-come, first-serve. Our computers come with Microsoft Office, Kidspiration, Inspiration, and Hot Potatoes. If all computers are being used ask us behind the circulation desk for our laptops and netbooks.

Laptops/Netbooks – The CMC is home to 12 netbooks and 5 laptops. The netbooks come with SPSS, Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional as well as Geometer’s Sketchpad 4.0 in addition to Microsoft Office, Inspiration, Kidspiration and Hot Potatoes. The laptops and netbooks are 2-hour in library loan and are located behind the circulation desk. Please ask one of our staff members to assist you in checking one out.

Course Reserves - Faculty members are able to place items on reserve at the CMC for students to use. Most of the items on reserve are in library use with a 2-hour limit per person. This keeps circulation time short so that everyone can have a chance to look at it. Reserve items are a first-come first-serve as well but don’t hesitate to call ahead of time to see if it’s available.

Study Rooms - The CMC also has 2 study rooms available. The study room loan period is 2 hours per room (not person) and is on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is no sign up list or reservation list available. Each study room comes equipped with a PC and full web access as well as a white-board. The study room cannot be checked out without a UCF ID card.

Happy Hour DVDs – The CMC has the Happy Hour Showcase DVDs on reserve available for a 2-hour in library loan. The Happy Hour Showcases are not being recorded anymore so our latest one is from May of 2008. See here for complete list.

FTCE Study Guides – The CMC also has FTCE study guides available for 2-hour in library use covering the General Test, Professional Test as well as dozens of subject area study guides.

Test Collection – The purpose of the test collection is to provide qualified persons with samples of standardized tests for examination and study. A qualified person is defined as a faculty member whose field is involved with standardized tests, a student of the college or department who is taking a course in which standardized tests are taught, or other patrons of the library whose training qualifies them to examine these materials.

Does the CMC provide any special services for current Florida state teachers?

The CMC collections are open to public and anyone from the community may use the library. To support and facilitate the teaching and research interests of Florida educators, the University of Central Florida Libraries will waive the Special Borrower card fee for Florida preK-12 teachers*. Florida PreK-12 teachers may receive a green-category Special Borrower card in accordance with the following procedures:

1. Florida PreK-12 teachers must present a letter from the teacher's principal stating that the teacher is employed by the school. The letter must be on school letterhead and signed by the teacher's principal. The letter must be brought to the Circulation Desk of the UCF Library for approval prior to privileges being granted.
2. The teacher must read and understand the UCF Library's borrowing policies and sign an agreement to abide by these policies; this includes meeting due dates and being responsible for any fines and fees incurred.

When using the Special Borrower card, the teacher will be required to show a picture ID (such as a driver's license). The borrowing card is non-transferable. Borrowing privileges will run through the academic year (August through July) or the portion remaining at the time of application. Patrons holding a green Special Borrower card may check out UCF Library circulating materials for three weeks, including items in the Curriculum Materials Center collections. Borrowers are responsible for overdue fines and replacement costs of lost or damaged materials. Interlibrary loans may be obtained through the public library or through InfoSource, a fee-based UCF Library service. All Special Borrower cards are non-transferable. Due to licensing agreements, off-campus access to most library-subscribed databases is unavailable to community patrons.

*To clarify, Florida PreK-12 teachers include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following persons: public school teachers, private school teachers, charter school teachers, and home schooling teachers. ** Home schooling teachers must present a letter signed by their Home Education District Contact, Home Education Program, or the Florida Department of Education.

What kind of books does the CMC have?

The CMC houses a K-12 collection that is being expanded with a particular effort to foster global and multicultural education and to encourage an appreciation of the values of racial, ethnic, social and cultural diversity. Individual collections include general/professional materials, juvenile fiction and non-fiction, picture books, textbooks, and reference resources. CMC collections also include Kappa Delta Pi materials, a test collection, posters, and numerous manipulative items as well as some musical instruments.

Textbook Collection - The Textbook collection contains sample textbooks found on the State of Florida Adoption List. Therefore, most of the books in this collection are the same titles currently being used in local area schools. Teacher's editions of textbooks and teacher's resource books are popular with CMC patrons because they frequently contain sample lesson plans and classroom activities.

General/Professional Collection - The General/Professional collection is comprised of juvenile fiction and non-fiction and professional resources. This collection includes large sections of materials on folklore, poetry, mathematics and sciences. Professional materials in this collection include resources that K-12 teachers could use in a teaching situation. Types of resources found in this collection include books, videos, CDs, educational games, and manipulatives.

Picture Book Collection - The Picture Book collection contains picture books for younger readers, sometimes referred to as easy readers. Several award-winning picture books are added to the collections each year and include Newbery Medal, Caldecott Medal, and Coretta Scott King Award materials.

Fiction Book Collection - The Fiction collection contains juvenile fiction materials. Fiction books include young adult novels or chapter books for children. Several award-winning fiction books are added to the collections each year and include Newbery Medal, Caldecott Medal, and Coretta Scott King Award materials.

Biography Collection – The Biography section contains juvenile bibliographical books on world leaders, athletes, civil rights activists, writers, inventors and more.

Poster Collection – CMC maintains a small Poster collection that includes materials that cover K-12 related topics. The Map collection includes resources for various geographical areas. See here for complete list.

Reference Collection - The Reference collection includes non-circulating materials available for in-library use. Examples of items found in this collection include dictionaries, encyclopedias, bibliographies, curriculum standards, and study guides for the Florida Teacher Certification Exam (FTCE).

Kappa Delta Pi Collection - The Kappa Delta Pi (KDP) collection is a special collection sometimes referred to as the Reavis Reading area. KDP materials are published by the Phi Delta Kappa education fraternity. Most materials in this collection are fastbacks or short booklets that deal with current issues in education.

How do I look for books in the CMC?

You can look for any item in the CMC by using the UCF Online Catalog Search found here. To better understand how to use the online catalog we have created a short tutorial video which can be found here.

How do I renew Books?

In Person – You may renew items in person as long as you have it with you. The only way we will not be able to renew your item is if another patron places a hold on the item

Online – You may renew items online by going to the libraries log-in page and logging in using your 14 Digit Number (No Hyphens) located at the bottom of your UCF Card. Once inside go ahead and proceed to “My Account” followed by the “Loans” link. There you will be able to renew items individually or you will have an option to “Renew All”. If you choose to renew all please double check the new due dates because if an item is requested by another patron, you will NOT be able to renew that item.

What will I find inside the Production Lab?

The Production Lab is a room within the CMC that has different equipment that may be useful to any patron who visits the CMC.

Laminating Machine – The laminating machine costs $0.50 per linear foot. It does take about 15-minutes to warm up so call us ahead of time if you are running late so we can turn it on for you. The ONLY way to pay for laminating is with a UCF ID card. If you do forget your UCF ID or are a patron who is not a student or staff we do have *courtesy cards that can be used.

* Courtesy cards allow any patron to add money to them which will allow you to pay for services such as printing and laminating.

VHS/DVD-RW Players – There are 2 VHS/DVD-RW players available on a first-come, first-serve basis. These will allow you to view the Happy Hour Showcases, any VHS or DVDs that might be needed for class and you can even bring in old VHS tapes and convert them to DVDs; all we ask is that you bring your own DVD-R/RW.

Smart Board – The Smart Board interactive whiteboard is an interactive whiteboard that uses touch detection for user input in the same way normal PC input devices. A projector is used to display a computer’s video output on the interactive whiteboard, which then acts as a large touch screen. Since many schools are incorporating the Smart Boards into classrooms this gives you a great opportunity to start practicing this new technology.

Overhead Projector – An overhead projector allows you to show transparencies to an audience. At the CMC you will be able to practice and use the device.

Opaque Projector – Opaque projectors are typically used to project images of book pages, drawings, paintings, and other numerous items onto another surface. All we ask is that you bring your own surface (poster board, oak tag paper, etc.) and it is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Ellison Die Cuts –This is a hand-operated, die-cutting machine uses steel rule die shapes to cut through materials quickly and easily. We have two machines and over 300 die cut blocks. All we ask is you bring your own supplies (paper, construction paper, felt, fun foam and miracle sponge) and it is on a first-come, first-served basis. See here for a complete list of die cuts.

Type Writer – The production lab also has a type writer for anyone to use.

Binding Machine – A binding machine is available for patrons. All we ask is that you bring your own spine backing.

What should I do if I lost or forgot something at the CMC?

We at the CMC have a lost and found on premises. We have successfully returned many flash-drives, notebooks, documents, identification cards, cell phones and anything else that might have been left behind back to their owners. If you think you lost something inside the CMC just give us a call and we will be more than happy to check for you.

How can I set up my laptop to UCF's wireless network?

Access to UCF's wireless network is available to the entire UCF community and its guests.  The Network Operation Center (NOC) continuously monitors and maintains wireless signal coverage and methods of wireless access, and monitors for use violations for the entire campus.

If you are a student or faculty member would like to register your laptop with UCF's wireless network, click here.

If you are a guest you should connect to "UCF_Guest" for wireless service.

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