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Notable Dissertations in Education

Awarding Bodies
AACTE-- This award recognizes excellence in doctoral dissertation research that contributes to the knowledge base of teacher education or of teaching and learning with implications for teacher education.
Year Author Title Institution
2006 Wyman, Wendy A Sojourn Through Teacher Techne: An Outcomes Study of Two Teacher Preparation Programs University of Colorado at Denver
2005 Ringrose, Laura The Effects of Teacher Certification on Freshman High School Students' Algebra I Achievement University of North Texas
2004 Gill, Michelle Gregoire Effects of Augmented Activation, Refutational Text, Efficacy Beliefs, Epistemological Beliefs, and Systematic Processing on Conceptual Change University of Florida
2002 Margerum-Leys, Jon Teacher Knowledge of Educational Technology: A Case Study of Student Teacher/Mentor Teacher Pairs University of Michigan
2001 Smith, Tracy Toward a Prototype of Expertise in Teaching: A Descriptive Case Study University of North Carolina at Greensboro
1998 Huntley, Mary Ann Integrated Mathematics and Science Education in the Middle Grades: Theory and Practice University of Maryland
1993 Curtiss, Pamela Perceptions of Human Technologies in Teaching: A Pedagogical Methods Course in Extended Elementary Teacher Education Program University of Nebraska
1992 Martin, Gloria Teacher's Perceptions of  Their First Year of Teaching Claremont Graduate University

AERA--The American Educational Research Association (AERA) is concerned with improving the educational process by encouraging scholarly inquiry related to education and evaluation and, by promoting the dissemination and practical application of research results.
Year Author Title Institution
2007 Harris, Frank III The Meanings College Men Make of Masculinities and Contextual Influences on Behaviors, Outcomes, and Gendered Environmental Norms: A Grounded Theory Study University of Southern California
2006 Scanlan, Martin Epistemologies of Inclusivity: The Possibilities and Limits of Including Traditionally Marginalized Students in Select Catholic Elementary Schools University of Wisconsin
2006 Swanson, Dalene Voices in the Silence: Narratives of Disadvantage, Social Context and School Mathematics in Post-Apartheid South Africa University of British Columbia
2006 Mears, Carolyn Experiences of Columbine Parents: Finding a Way to Tomorrow University of Denver
2006 Fu, Jianbin A Polytomous Extension of the Fusion Model and Its Bayesian Parameter Estimation University of Wisconsin
2006 Takahara, Schinichi Self-Esteem Reconsidered: Exploration of Developing a Culturally Sensitive Scale for Japanese Women University of Louisville
2005 Bell, Courtney Ann Parents' Views of School Choice: An Unexamined Perspective Michigan State University
2005 Gallagher-Geurtsen, Tricia Radical Hybrid Literacy Practices of One Teacher in a Classroom of Learners of Second Languages Columbia University Teacher's College
2005 Gruman, Diana Individual Growth Curve Analysis of the Effects of Student Mobility on Measures of Elementary School Adjustment University of Washington
2005 Theoharis, George At No Small Cost: Social Justice Leaders and Their rRsponse to Resistance University of Wisconsin
2004 Cybulski, Timothy Investigating the Role of the Collective Efficacy of Teachers in Fiscal Efficiency and Student Achievement Ohio State University
2004 Watts, Rebecca The Education Production Function: An Analysis of the Relationship Between Fiscal Resource Variables and Student Achievement aAross Louisiana School Districts University of Louisiana at Monroe

AME--The Association for Moral Education (AME) provides an interdisciplinary forum for professionals interested in the moral dimensions of educational theory and practice.
Year Author Title Institution
2007 Guzman, Caroline Maclaine Moral reasoning and truancy in early adolescence Fordham University
2006 Sciaino, Maria Presuppositions in Moral Education Discourse: Developing an Analytic Framework and Applying it to Several Moral Education Traditions University of Central Florida
2005 Sokol, Bryan Children’s Conceptions of Agency and Morality: Making Sense of the Happy Victimizer Phenomenon University of British Columbia
2001 Matsuba, Michio Caring for Their Community: Study of Moral Exemplars in Transition to Adulthood University of British Columbia
2000 Hennig, Karl Mapping the Care Domain: Conceptualization, Assessment, and Relation to Eating Disorders University of British Columbia
1998 Mustakova-Possardt, Elena Ontogeny of Critical Consciousness University of Massachusetts
1997 Vokey, Daniel Reasons of the Heart: Moral Objectivity and Moral Education University of Toronto
1996 Jensen, Lene Different Habits, Different Hearts: Orthodoxy and Progressivism in the United States and India University of Chicago
1995 Taylor, John Moral Climate and the Development of Moral Reasoning: The Effects of Dyadic Discussions Between Young Offenders University of British Columbia
1994 Arnold, Mary The Place of Morality in the Adolescent Self Harvard University
1993 Mason, Marion The Role of Expanded Social Participation in the Transition from Stage three to Stage four Moral Judgment in Late Adolescence and Adulthood Ohio State University
1991 Keat, Marilyn Moral Education: Toward New Foundations in the Hermeneutic Synthesis of Aristotle and Kant Penn State University
1990 Chafey, Kathleen An Exploration of the Linkages among Selected Components of Moral Behavior University of Minnesota
1989 Schrader, Dawn Exploring Metacognition: A Description of Levels of Metacognition and Their Relationship to Moral Judgment Harvard University
1988 Deemer, Kay Moral Judgment and Life Experience University of Minnesota
1987 Vasudev, Jyotsna A Study of Moral Reasoning at Different Life Stages in India University of Pittsburgh
1986 Thoma, Stephen On Improving the Relationship Between Moral Judgment and External Criteria: The Utilizer and Non-Utilizer Dimension University of Minnesota
1984 Armon, Cheryl Ideas of the Good Life: A Longitudinal/Cross-Sectional Study of Evaluative Reasoning in Children and Adults Harvard University
1983 Snarey, John The Social and Moral Development of Kibbutz Founders and Sabras: A Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Cross-Cultural Study Harvard University

APA--The American Psychological Association (APA) is a scientific and professional organization that represents psychology in the United States.
Year Author Title Institution
2006 Fortus, David Design-Based Science and the Transfer of Science Knowledge and Real-World Problem-Solving Skills University of Michigan
2005 Gregoire, Michele Effects of Augmented Activation, Refutational Text, Efficacy Beliefs, Epistemological Beliefs, and Systematic Processing on Conceptual Change University of Florida
2004 Linnenbrink, Elizabeth The Dilemma of Performance Goals: Promoting Students’ Motivation and Learning in Cooperative Groups University of Michigan
2003 Bryant, Alison Substance Use and Academic Experiences During Adolescence: Integrating Developmental, Motivational, and Contextual Perspectives University of Michigan
2001 Ryan, Allison The Development of Achievement Beliefs and Behaviors During Early Adolescence: The Role of the Peer Group and Classroom Contexts University of Michigan
2000 Murphy, Karen A Diagnostic and Treatment Program for Depressed Elderly Psychiatric Patients United States International University

ASTD--American Society for Training & Development is the world’s largest association dedicated to workplace learning and performance professionals.
Year Author Title Institution
2007 Orvis, Karen Supervisory Performance Feedback as a Catalyst for High Quality Employee Self-Development George Mason University
2005 Akdere, Mesut The relationship between quality-focused human resource practices and performance outcomes in long-term healthcare organizations University of Minnesota
2003 Gilbert, Daniel Psychometric determination of job stress in health occupations University of Tennessee
2002 Benson, George Beyond skill development:  The effects of training and development on the attitudes and retention of employees University of Southern California


ATE--The Association of Teacher Educators is an individual membership organization devoted solely to the improvement of teacher education both for school-based and post secondary teacher educators.
Year Author Title Institution
2007 Meyer, Rachelle Lesson Study: The Effects on Teachers and Students in Urban Middle Schools Baylor University
2005 Paynter, Jeanne The Motivational Profiles of Teachers: Teachers' Preferences for Extrinsic, Intrinsic, and Moral Motivators John Hopkins University
2003 Jensen, Jacquelyn Constructivism and Supporting Environments: Exploring Instructional Salience in Preservice Teacher Education University of Utah
2002 Paris, Nita Elaborate Analogies in Science Text: Tools for Enhancing Preservice Teachers' Knowledge and Attitudes University  of Georgia
1999 Fleener, Charlene A Comparison of Attrition Rates of Elementary Teachers Prepared Through Traditional Undergraduate Campus-Based Programs and Elementary Teachers Prepared Through Centers for Professional Development and Technology Field-Based Programs by Gender, Ethnicity, and Academic Performance Texas A&M University-Commerce
1998 Wilder, Melinda Teachers' Beliefs About Scientific Literacy and Their Implementation Through Curriculum Change Ohio State University
1997 Andes, Anna Mentoring: A Component of New Teacher Induction Northern Arizona University
1996 Slick, Susan Living in Two Worlds: The University Supervisor's Role in the Student Teaching Experience University of Iowa
1995 Foss, Donna Elementary Mathematics Methods: A Cultural Scene in the Teacher Preparation Act Memphis State University
1994 Wilson, Janell An Evaluation of the Field Experiences of the Innovative Model for the Preparation of Elementary Teachers for Science, Mathematics, and Technology Kansas State University
1993 Campbell, Lois A Qualitative Study of Preservice Elementary Teachers' Understanding of Physics Concepts Purdue University
1992 Schelske, Mark A Comparison of the Effects of Three Approaches to Student Teaching Seminars: Personal Coping Skills Training, Classroom Management Training, and General Educational Discussions University of Minnesota
1991 Metcalf, Kim An Investigation of the Efficacy of a Research-Based Regimen of Skill Development on the Instructional Clarity of Preservice Teachers Ohio State University
1990 Kozisek, Julie The Effects of a Planned Induction Program on First-Year Teachers University of Nebraska
1988 Stallion, Brenda Classroom Management Intervention: The Effects of Training and Mentoring on the Inductee Teacher’s Behavior Ohio State University
1987 Howard, Esther A Longitudinal Study of Achievement Associated with Participation in a Public School Kindergarten (Preschool) Mississippi State University
1985 Oftedahl, Joan Secondary English Methods Courses in the Midwest as Viewed by Methods Professors and Secondary English Teachers University of Nebraska
1984 Tafel, Linda A Curriculum Design for Teacher Education Programs Based on Futures Research Northern Illinois University
1983 Hines, Constance A Further Investigation of Teacher Clarity: The Relationship Between Observed and Perceived Clarity and Student Achievement and Satisfaction Ohio State University
1982 Huling, Leslie The Effects on Teachers of Participation in an Interactive Research and Development Project Texas Tech University
1981 Young, Sharon The Effects of Instruction and Field Experience in Diagnostic-Prescriptive Teaching of Mathematics on Preservice Elementary Teachers University of Colorado

CIES--The Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES) has helped administer the Fulbright Scholar Program, the U.S. government's flagship academic exchange effort, on behalf of the United States Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.
Year Author Title Institution
2007 Brown, Kara Learning the Language: International, National, & Local Dimensions of Regional-Language Education in Estonia Indiana University
2007 Suarez, David Creating Global Citizens: The Emergence and Development of Human Rights Education Stanford University
2006 Shepler, Susan Conflicted Childhoods: Fighting Over Child Soldiers in Sierra Leone University of California at Berkley
2005 Kendall, Nancy Global Policy in Practice: The "Successful Failure" of Free Primary Education in Malawi Stanford University
2004 Chen, Peiying Acting Otherwise: Institutionalization of Women's/Gender Studies in Taiwan's Universities University of Southern California
2003 Chan-Tiberghien, Jennifer The Rise of a Woman's Human Rights Epistemic Network: Global Norms and Local Education Redefining Gender Politics in Japan Stanford University
2002 Niyozov, Sarfaroz Understanding Teaching in Post-Soviet, Rural, Mountainous Tajikistan: Case Studies of Teachers' Life and Work University of Toronto
2001 Boyle, Helen Quranic Schools in Morocco: Agents of Preservation and Change University of Pittsburgh
2000 Gillespie, Sandra South-South Transfer: A Study of Sino-African Exchanges Education University of Toronto
1999 Stacki, Sandra Partnerships and Processes for Teacher Empowerment: Rays of Hope for Female Teachers in India Indiana University
1998 Fischman, Gustavo The Dilemma of the "Second Mothers": Teaching, Gender and the Struggle Over Teachers' Education in Argentina University of California at Los Angeles
1997 McGovern, Seana Education and Modern Development in Subaltern Societies: An Analysis of Academic Knowledge Production in the Field of International and Comparative Education Penn State University
1996 Hickling-Hudson, Anne Literacy and Literacies in Grenada : A Study of Adult Education in the Revolution and Afterwards University of Queensland

DLDCEC--The Division for Learning Disabilities (DLD) is one of 17 special interest groups of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC), the largest international professional organization dedicated to improving educational outcomes for individuals with exceptionalities, students with disabilities, and/or the gifted.
Year Author Title Institution
2006 Miller, Kevin Use of an integrated visual mnemonic for recall of related information University of Virginia

DLDTED--The Teacher Education Division of the Council for Exceptional Children is an organization that supports and stimulates continued improvements in practices in order for all individuals with diverse abilities and disabilities to achieve optimal educational outcomes.
Year Author Title Institution
2006 O'Brien, Chris Investigation of the Impact of Video-Based Anchored Instruction on the Implementation of Inclusive Practices by Students with Learning Disabilities University of Central Florida

HES--The History of Education Society is an international scholarly society that seeks to promote and improve the teaching of the history of education in colleges and universities.
Year Author Title Institution
2006 Puaca, Brian Learning Democracy: Education Reform in Postwar West Germany, 1949-1965 University of North Carolina
2005 Moss, Hilary Opportunity and Oppostion: The African American Struggle for Education in New Haven, Baltimore, and Boston, 1825-1855 Brandeis University
2004 Bieze, Michael Booker T. Washington and the Art of Self-Representation Georgia State University
2003 Spencer, John Caught in the Crossfire: Marcus Foster and America's Urban Education Crisis, 1941-1973 New York University
2002 Green, Jennifer Books and Bayonets: Class and Culture in Antebellum Military Academies Boston University
2001 Gaither, Milton Progress, Civilization, and American Educational Historiography, 1690-1960 Indiana University


IRA--IRA is a professional organization for those involved in teaching reading to learners of all ages.
Year Author Title Institution
2008 Wohlwend, Karen Kindergarten as Nexus of Practice: A Mediated Discourse Analysis of Reading, Writing, Play and Design Practices in an Early Literacy Apprenticeship University of Iowa
2007 Donnell, Wendy Johnson The effects of multisensory vowel instruction during word study for third grade students University of Missouri-KC
2006 Hall, Leigh It's Not Just the Text: Interactions Between Content Area Teachers and Struggling Readers Michigan State University
2005 Collins, Molly ESL preschoolers' English Vocabulary Acquisition and Story Comprehension from Storybook Reading Boston University
2004 Ritchey, Kristen The Prediction of Growth in Reading Subskills and the Relationship of Growth to Literacy Outcomes in Kindergarten University of Maryland
2003 Craig, Sharon The Effects of an Adapted Interactive Writing Intervention on Kindergarten Children's Phonological Awareness, Spelling, and Early Reading Development University of Maryland
2001 Al Otaiba, Stephanie Children Who Do Not Respond to Early Literacy Intervention: A Longitudinal Study Across Kindergarten and First Grade Vanderbilt University
2001 Glasswell, Kathryn The Patterning of Difference: Teachers and Children Constructing Development in Writing University of Auckland, New Zealand
1999 Burgess, Stephen The Influence of Speech Perception, Oral Language Ability, the Home Literacy Environment, and Pre-Reading Knowledge on the Growth of Phonological Sensitivity: A One-Year Longitudinal Investigation Florida State University
1998 Sipe, Lawrence The Construction of Literary Understanding by First and Second Graders in Response to Picture Storybook Readalouds Ohio State University
1997 Isakson, Marné Learning From Practice: Supporting Literacy Learning of Reluctant and Less Proficient Adolescent Readers Brigham Young University
1996 Davis, Patricia Literacy Acquisition, Retention, and Usage: A Case Study of the Machiguenga of the Peruvian Amazon University of Texas
1995 Ayres, Linda The Efficacy of Three Training Conditions on Phonological Awareness of Kindergarten Children and the Longitudinal Effects of Each on Later Reading Acquisition Oakland University
1994 Almasi, Janice The Nature of Fourth Graders' Sociocognitive Conflicts in Peer-led and Teacher-led Discussions of Literature University of Maryland
1993 Turner, Julianne Situated Motivation in Literacy Instruction University of Michigan
1992 McMahon, Susan Book Club: A Case Study of a Group of Fifth Graders as They Participate in a Literature Based Reading Program Michigan State University
1991 Hartman, Douglas 8 Readers Reading: The Intertextual Links of Able Readers Using Multiple Passages University of Illinois
1990 Schommer, Marlene The Effects of Beliefs About the Nature of Knowledge on Comprehension University of Illinois
1986 Afflerbach, Peter The Influence of Prior Knowledge on Expert Readers' Main Idea Construction Processes State University of New York at Albany
1985 Mckeown, Margaret The Acquisition of Word Meaning from Context by Children of High and Low Vocabulary Ability University of Pittsburgh
1984 Spivey, Nancy Discourse Synthesis: Constructing Texts in Reading and Writing University of Texas
1983 Birkmire, Deborah Effect of the Interaction of Text Structure, Background Knowledge and Purpose on Attention to Text University of Delaware
1982 Johnston, Peter Prior Knowledge and Reading Comprehension Test Bias University of Illinois
1981 Diehl, William Functional Literacy as a Variable Construct: An Examination of Attitudes, Behaviors and Strategies Related to Occupational Literacy Indiana University
1980 Hayes, David The Effect of Text-Embedded Analogy Upon Comprehension and Learning University of Arizona
1978 Froese, Victor The Quality, Direction, and Distance of Within Sentence Contextual Constraints University of Minnesota
1978 Evans, Elizabeth A Study of What Chicano and Anglo Children Remember About the Stories They Read and Hear University of Colorado
1977 Marshall, Nancy The Structure of Semantic Memory for Text Cornell University
1977 Clements, Paul The Effects of Staging on Recall From Prose Cornell University
1976 Terry, Pamela The Effect of Orthographic Transformations Upon Speed and Accuracy of Semantic Categorization University of Minnesota
1976 Leong, Che Kan An Investigation of Spatial-Temporal Information Processing in Children with Specific Reading Disability University of Alberta
1976 Judge, Robert The Effect of Presentation Mode and Material Difficulty on Third and Seventh Graders' Use of Phonemic and Semantic Attributes to Encode Words into Long Term Memory State University of New York at Albany
1975 Niles, Jerome The Use of Featural and Letter Dependency Information in Word Recognition by Elementary School Children University of California, Berkeley
1975 Dahl, Patricia A Mastery Based Experimental Program for Teaching Poor Readers High Speedword Recognition Skills University of Minnesota
1974 Walker, Laurence A Comparative Study of Selected Reading and Listening Processes University of Alberta
1974 Peters, Charles A Comparison Between the Frayer Model of Concept Attainment and the Textbook Approach to Concept Attainment University of Wisconsin
1974 Peltz, Fillmore The Effect Upon Comprehension of Repatterning Based Upon Students' Writing Patterns Hofstra University
1974 Latham, Ross Cognitive Synthesis and the Comprehension of Written Language University of Alberta
1974 Horton, Raymond The Construct Validity of Cloze Procedure: An Exploratory Factor Analysis of Cloze, Paragraph Reading, and Structure-of-Intellect Tests Hofstra University
1974 Allington, Richard An Evaluation of the Use of Color Cues to Focus Attention in Discrimination and Paired-Associate Learning Michigan State University
1973 Mickelson, Norma Associative Verbal Encoding (a/v/e): A Measure of Language Performance and Its Relationship to Reading Achievement University of Washington
1973 Kretschmer, Joseph Measuring Reading Comprehension Ohio State University
1973 Chapman, Carita A Test of Hierarchical Theory of Reading Comprehension University of Chicago
1972 Jackson, Robert An Examination of the Role of Memory Processes in Reading Comprehension University of Alberta
1971 Fagan, William An Investigation into the Relationship of Reading Difficulty and the Number and Type of Sentence Transformations University of Alberta
1970 Rawson, Hildred A Study of the Relationships and Development of Reading and Cognition University of Alberta
1969 Bougere, Marguerite Selected Factors in Oral Language Related to First Grade Reading Achievement University of Chicago
1968 Stemmler, Anne Reading of Highly Creative Versus Highly Intelligent Secondary Students University of Chicago
1967 Robertson, Jean An Investigation of Pupil Understanding of Connectives in Reading University of Alberta
1966 Ames, Wilbur A Study of the Process by Which Readers Determine Word Meaning Through the Use of Verbal Context University of Missouri
1965 Smith, Helen The Response of Good and Poor Readers When Asked to Read for Different Purposes University of Chicago
1964 Ruddell, Robert An Investigation of the Effects of the Similarity of Oral and Written Patterns of Language Structure on Reading Comprehension Indiana University

NARST--A worldwide organization of professionals committed to the improvement of science teaching and learning through research.
Year Author Title Institution
2006 Olitsky, Stacy Science Learning, Group Membership, and Identify in an Urban Middle School University of Pennsylvania
2005 Tretter, Thomas Conceptions of Scale and Scaling: The Expert-Novice Continuum University of North Carolina
2004 Fortus, David Design-Based Science and the Transfer of Science Knowledge and Real-World Problem-Solving Skills University of Michigan
2003 Wu, Hsin-Kai Middle School Students' Development of Inscriptional Practices in Inquiry-Based Science Classrooms University of Michigan
2002 Girod, Mark Teaching 5th Grade Science for Aesthetic Understanding Michigan State University
2001 Tabak, Iris Unraveling the Development of Scientific Literacy: Domain-Specific Inquiry Support in a System of Cognitive and Social Interactions Northwestern University
2000 Ford, Danielle The Role of Text in Supporting and Extending First-Hand Investigations in Guided Inquiry Science University of Michigan
1999 Abd-El-Khalick, Fouad The Influence of History of Science Courses on Students' Conceptions of the Nature of Science Oregon State University
1998 Hogan, Kathleen Thinking Aloud Together: A Test of an Intervention to Foster Middle School Students' Collaborative Scientific Reasoning State University of New York at Albany
1997 Larson, Jane Chemistry Curriculum Modulation: An Investigation of Text, Teacher and Learner Interactions in a Classroom Milieu University of Colorado
1996 Cunningham, Christine The Effect of Teachers' Sociological Understanding of Science on Classroom Practice and Curriculum Innovation Cornell University
1995 Shaw, Jerome Science Performance Assessment and Language Minority Students: Exploring the Interface Stanford University
1994 Keys, Carolyn The Interaction Between a Collaborative Writing Intervention and the Development of Science Understandings in a Ninth-Grade Classroom University of Michigan
1993 Gess-Newsome, Julie Biology Teachers' Perceptions of Subject-Matter Structure and Its Relationship to Classroom Practice Oregon State University
1992 Stofflett, Rene Conceptual Change in Elementary Teacher Candidates' Content and Pedagogical Knowledge of Science University of Utah

NCTE--An organization which works to advance teaching, research, and student achievement in English language arts at all scholastic levels.
Year Author Title Institution
2008 Varpio, Lara Mapping the Genres of Healthcare Information Work: An Interdisciplinary Study of the Interactions Between Oral, Paper, and Electronic Forms of Communication University of Waterloo
2007 Artemeva, Natalia Becoming an Engineering Communicator: A Study of Novices' Trajectories in Learning Genres of Their Profession McGill University
2007 Staggers, Julie Learning to Love the Bomb: Secrecy and Denial in the Atomic City, 1943-1961 Purdue University
2006 Jack, Jordynn Rhetorics of Time: Women's Role in Wartime Science, 1939-1945 Pennsylvania State University
2005 Hoang, Haivan "To Come Together and Create a Movement": Solidarity Rhetoric in the Vietnamese American Coalition (VAC) Ohio State University
2005 Sun, Huatong Expanding the Scope of Localization: A Cultural Usability Perspective on Mobile Text Messaging Use in American and Chinese Contexts Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
2004 Enoch, Jessica Women's Resistant Pedagogies in Turn-of-the-Century America: Lydia Maria Child, Zitkala Sa, Jovita Idar, Marta Pena, and Leonor Villegas de Magnon Pennsylvania State University
2004 Kain, Donna Negotiated Spaces: Constructing Genre and Social Practice in a Cross-Community Writing Project Iowa State University
2003 Graber, Elizabeth Old Believer Women in a Postmodern World: Changing Literacy, Changing Lives Indiana University of Pennsylvania
2003 Henze, Brent Scientific Rhetorics in the Emergence of British Ethnology, 1808-1848: Discourses, Disciplines, and Institutions Pennsylvania State University
2003 Reynolds, Sandra Collaboration or Subordination: The Role of Rhetoric in the Conception of Primary Healthcare Giver Texas Woman's University
2002 Clark, Dave A Rhetoric of Boundaries: Living and Working Along a Technical/Non-Technical Split Iowa State University
2002 Dayton, David Electronic Editing in Technical Communication: Practices, Attitudes, Impacts Texas Tech University
2001 Baake, Kenneth Metaphor and Knowledge: The Rhetorical Challenges at a Postmodern Science Think Tank New Mexico State University
2001 Sohn, Katherine Whistlin' and Crowin' Women of Appalachia: Literacy Development Since College Indiana University of Pennsylvania
2000 Miles, Elizabeth Building Rhetorics of Production: An Institutional Critique of Composition Textbook Publishing Purdue University
1999 Durack, Katherine Documentation and Domestic Technology: Household Sewing Technologies and Feminine Authority New Mexico State University
1999 Orbell, Brenda Discourse, Power and Social Rupture: An Analysis of Tailhook 91 Texas Tech University
1999 Smart, Graham An Ethnographic Study of Knowledge-Making in a Central Bank: The Interplay of Writing and Economic Modelling McGill University
1998 Maxson, Jeffrey Multimedia and Multivocality in a Basic Writing Classroom University of California, Berkeley
1997 Cushman, Ellen The Struggle and the Tools: Oral and Literate Strategies in an Inner-City Community Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
1996 Lee, Amy Visions and Revisions of Teaching Writing as a Critical Process University of Massachusetts Amherst
1995 Syverson, Margaret The Wealth of Reality: An Ecology of Composition University of California, San Diego
1994 Malinowitz, Harriet Lesbian and Gay Reality and the Writing Class New York University
1993 Helmers, Marguerite The Consitution of Students: Genre and Representation in the Composition Testimonial The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
1992 Brown, Susan Poetic, Rhetoric, and Disciplinary Discourse Purdue University
NREA--A strong and respected organization of rural school administrators, teachers, board members, regional service agency personnel, researchers, business and industry representatives and others interested in maintaining the vitality of rural school systems across the country.
Year Author Title Institution
2007 Huysman, John Rural teacher satisfaction: An analysis of beliefs and attitudes of rural teachers' job satisfaction University of Central Florida
UCF CED--The mission of the College of Education at the University of Central Florida is to provide a high-quality education for its undergraduate students, graduate students and others as reflective practitioners, to promote and conduct research and scholarship, and to participate in learning communities that enhance practice and student outcomes.
Year Author Title Institution
2008 Huysman, John Rural teacher satisfaction: An analysis of beliefs and attitudes of rural teachers' job satisfaction University of Central Florida
2007 Fiedler, Rebecca "In Transition": An Activity Theoretical Analysis Examining Electronic Portfolio Tools' Mediation of the Preservice Teacher's Authoring Experience University of Central Florida
2006 Mitcham-Smith, Michelle Relationships Among School Counselor Self-Efficacy, Perceived School Counselor Role, and Actual Practice University of Central Florida
2005 Doran, James Effective School Characteristics and Student Achievement Correlates as Perceived by Teachers in American Style International Schools University of Central Florida
2004 Reynolds, James The Role of Mathematics Anxiety in Mathematical Motivation: A Path Analysis of the CANE Model University of Central Florida

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