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"Make No Mistake, Florida is Crucial" Sen. Lori Wilson and the Equal Rights Amendment

“Make No Mistake, Florida is Crucial”: Sen. Lori Wilson and the Equal Rights Amendment

Friday, March 12, 2021 | 10 am – 11 am | Virtual Event

The Equal Rights Amendment is still a debated issue in the United States. In its basic form, it would add women to the Constitution. The amendment was first written in 1923 – a few years after women won the right to vote. Decades later, it became a significant issue during the Women’s Liberation Movement. Near its almost ratification, Florida was significant – led by Sen. Lori Wilson. It was an interesting discussion about women’s roles in society. This talk will expose the battle for and against the ERA in Florida. It will also address where the ERA battle is today.
– Kimberly Voss, Professor, Journalism

Event recording on Libraries’ YouTube and STARS Libraries Diversity, Education and Inclusion.

Minimizing Misinformation Challenge Spring 2021

UCF Library’s Minimizing Misinformation Challenge Spring 2021

The first step to being a good researcher and citizen is making sure you have access to the best information. This semester two research tips Thursday each month will focus on skills you need to be a savvy information consumer. For each tip you’ll have an opportunity to test your skills and get prizes! Go to to access the first challenge.

When you complete:

1 challenge = Coveted UCF Libraries Sticker pack

3 challenges = UCF Temporary Tattoo

5 challenges = Grand prize pack!

Faculty Support: We Have You Covered Text on Image of Open Book with Pen

Faculty Support: Research Tips Thursday

We have a new series called Research Tips Thursdays. Each Thursday we will be posting quick videos that focus on building specific research skills to make the research process faster and easier for students. Students can sign up to be notified when new content posts!  

The current week’s videos will be highlighted here, as well as on our Facebook and Twitter pages. You can find past episodes in our archives.  

Topics coming up:   


  • Synthesizing Ideas from Multiple Sources  
  • Is it Trustworthy? Election Edition  
  • Using Advanced Search Options  


  • Why We Cite  
  • Following the Research Conversation  
  • Identifying Research Gaps  

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Faculty Support: Swank Streaming Video

Streaming videos are a great way to add engaging content to online courses in a broad range of fields beyond film studies. Everyone from Sociology and LGTBQIA+ Studies to Environmental Studies and Mental Health Counseling can benefit.

Swank Digital Campus offers many popular films and current releases as well as HBO documentaries and TV series for use in online courses. UCF currently has 364 Swank films licensed for use including recent releases like Just Mercy (2019), Bombshell (2019), and The Last Black Man in San Francisco (2019) to classics such as Cool Hand Luke (1967) and Greed (1924). Links for these films can be sent the same business day as the request.

If none of those great films fits your course, you can search the full Swank catalog for specific films or browse by discipline. If you see anything you like, submit a request through the form on our guide.

And to help with your searching the list of currently licensed films is now sortable by title, year, or expiration date. Primary category will be added to the sorting options soon.

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Faculty Support: Online Library Instruction Options

Are you working on planning your mixed mode or online courses for fall and thinking about incorporating library instruction? We have several options available, including both synchronous and asynchronous sessions. We can tailor the sessions to your particular course and research assignments.

If your class is meeting synchronously through Zoom, your librarian can hold a live session for you and your students demonstrating search techniques and highlighting relevant library resources.

If your class is being held asynchronously, we can create recorded sessions or other customized learning objects to include in your Webcourse modules. We also have our Information Literacy Modules, which cover a range of research and citation topics, that can be assigned to your students.

Contact your subject librarian to find out more information about our services and to schedule your library sessions for the coming semester.  

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