Book and Gift Donations

The UCF Libraries welcomes gifts of books, CDs, and DVDs from interested donors. For more information, prospective donors may contact: Acquisitions and Collection Services staff at the John C. Hitt Library, the Special Collections & University Archives staff, the Rosen Library staff, or Curriculum Materials Center (CMC) staff.

For donations received by the Acquisitions and Collections Services department, the Rosen Library or the CMC:

  • Materials donated become the property of the UCF Libraries and cannot be returned. Prospective donors are requested not to place any restrictions on gifts, their use, or disposition.
  • Donors that provide the Libraries with complete name and address are acknowledged in writing, acknowledging the number of items received and the month donations were received. However, the Libraries cannot appraise or assign a dollar value to any gifts received.
  • A librarian considers each gift received and determines its appropriateness to the UCF Libraries collection. All books and media selected for the collection are cataloged.
  • The UCF Libraries is particularly interested in obtaining rare or other out-of-print works of a scholarly nature. First editions and limited editions of works by renowned authors are of particular interest for the Libraries’ collection.
  • The UCF Libraries cannot accept outdated textbooks, print runs of journals or magazines, or obsolete media formats including LPs, audio cassettes, and VHS tapes.
  • Gifts should be dropped-off or mailed to the UCF Libraries, as the Libraries does not have a vehicle or staff to pick-up books. An appointment is necessary for dropping off at the loading dock at the John C. Hitt Library. Contact Acquisitions and Collection Services to set up an appointment.

Loading Dock Directions

Before dropping off a donation please fill out the following form and bring it with your donation: Donation Form


For donations received by the Special Collections & University Archives department:

  • For more information on the materials that Special Collections & University Archives collects, please see our Build Our Collections page.
  • Please contact the department prior to the delivery of materials, if possible.
  • Materials received must be accompanied by a Materials Receipt Form, please see our Forms page for more information.


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