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Instruction Options by Modality

We want to partner with faculty to integrate activities into their courses that build critical thinking and research skills. The options outlined below are examples of existing work. We welcome the opportunity to customize or create new ways to infuse these skills into your curriculum.

Customized Instruction Sessions

An instruction session can be conducted either in-person or virtually. We can host your class in the library or come to your classroom. The library instruction room set-ups include a traditional lab setting for individual assignments or an active classroom for group projects. Virtual sessions include interactive components to encourage participation.

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Common topics to be covered include:

  • Addressing a specific research assignment in the class
  • Evaluating Resources
  • Literature Reviews/Annotated Bibliographies
  • Overview of library resources and databases
  • Preventing Plagiarism

Information Literacy Modules

The information literacy modules are instructional resources using Obojobo Next that faculty can integrate into their courses to help students build and improve the fundamental research skills needed to succeed.  The modules can be incorporated into courses as graded assignments or practice modules.

Popular Modules include:

  • Citing Sources in APA style
  • Avoiding Plagiarism in APA Style
  • Conducting a Literature Review
  • Recognizing a Research Study

Interactive Learning Objects

Our Digital Learning and Engagement Librarian can partner with faculty to develop widgets and create interactive activities and assignments using Materia. These interactive tools can be used to teach process-based skills like developing citations and finding the information you need from a source to build a citation.

Contact Katy Miller to set up a consultation to explore using interactive media to develop effective researching skills.

Personalized Course Support

There are a number of different ways in which the libraries can provide personalized course support. Some of our most popular methods are embedded librarians, customized research guides, and course specific one-on-one research consultations for both students and faculty. If you don’t see the type of support you would like listed below, please contact us at We would love to partner with you to develop the type of support you need.

Embed a Librarian to Your Webcourse

Request a librarian to be an active part of your webcourse. We can support students throughout a course or research assignment. Our department supports first and second-year students in General Education Program (GEP) courses, and subject librarians are available to support specific majors. Common activities for Embedded Librarians include:

  • answering specific student questions throughout the semester
  • participating in discussion boards or activities
  • partnering with faculty to create effective research assignments
  • providing just-in-time resources to support the research process

Research Guides

Research Guides provide a self-guided tutorial for students through a collection of resources. Guides can be course-specific or focus on a resource or skill. Popular examples include:

Research Consultations for Students

Librarians are available to meet one-on-one to assist students who encounter stumbling blocks in their research or have in-depth questions. Our department supports first and second-year students in General Education Program (GEP) courses. Consultations for upper-divisional coursework are offered by subject librarians.

We also work with specific populations, such as students referred by the Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity. Please contact Department Head Katy Miller to establish a referral program.

Research Consultations for Faculty

Reach out to our team for assistance in developing effective research assignments and resources to support them. We can review current course assignments based on your learning outcomes and suggest a range of options to incorporate research and critical thinking skills into your course.

Skill Building Videos

Our Research Tips Thursdays series was created to focus on building specific research skills. This collection of short videos can be used as a way to highlight concepts to make the research process easier for students. Faculty are welcome to use these videos in their courses. We are always looking for suggestions on new topics to add to this series.

Popular videos include:

Specialized Canvas Course or Course Module

Have specific research and critical thinking skills you would like to include in your course? We are happy to work with you to develop course modules or an entire “library research strategies” course in canvas to meet your needs.

We have partnered with faculty in ENC 1102 to develop “Introduction to Library Research Strategies”, a four-part course that covers:

  • Types of Sources
  • Search Strategies
  • Locating Sources Using UCF Libraries
  • Evaluating and Citing Sources

This course contains text, videos, and quizzes. It can be easily customized to fit course content as either a new course or course module. Instruction and Engagement Librarian Rachel Edford specializes in developing Canvas content.

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