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Patron Conduct Policies

To ensure that the UCF Libraries can provide its patrons and employees with a safe and secure environment the following facilities policies have been established. Many of the policies below are derived from or are related to relevant UCF Policies and Procedures and the UCF Regulations.

Violation of any of the following policies could result in patrons being asked to leave the library, the violation being reported to the UCF Police, patrons being trespassed from library facilities or the campus, behavior referred to Student Conduct Review Board, or criminal prosecution. Any criminal behavior will be reported to the UCF Police.

Cell Phone Usage

  • Cell phones must be set to a non-audible signal.
  • Please move to a stairwell or outside of the library to conduct all cell phone conversations.

Use of Library PCs or Laptops

Library PCs and laptops are provided for University-related work or research and any viewing or downloading of pornography, overtly sexual, or other materials that could be considered offensive or harassing to others is prohibited.

The complete university policy statement can be found in the UCF Academy Affairs' Use of Information Technology and Resources Policy.

Disruptive Behavior

Disruptive behavior is detrimental to a safe and friendly environment for patrons and is therefore prohibited. For the purposes of these policies this includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Any harassment or abuse (verbal or physical) of patrons or library employees
  • Any loud or disruptive behavior or activity
  • Any misuse, vandalism, or defacement of library equipment, property, facilities, or collections
  • Any sexual harassment or overt sexual behavior
  • Any skateboarding, rollerblading, bicycling, or use of any other non-assistive wheeled vehicles which may pose a hazard to patrons or employees
  • Leaving or abandoning any bicycles, or any other non-assistive wheeled vehicles in any library facility
  • Refusing to leave any library facility at closing, during any emergency drill or situation, or whenever directed by library employees
  • Refusing to identify yourself to library employees as directed
  • Bringing any non-assistive animal into any library facility
  • Leaving any child under the age of 13 unattended in any library facility

Noise & Conversation

  • Consider those around you by minimizing noise, conversations, and disruptive behavior throughout the library.
  • At the request of student library users, the fourth floor and part of the fifth floor of the library is reserved for silent study and research. An atmosphere of quiet will be maintained at all times on this floor. Absolutely no cell phone ringing or conversation will be permitted on the quiet floor.
  • As a courtesy, music is allowed only with headphones. Headphone volume needs to be set at a level that does not disrupt other patrons


  • Any solicitation or posting of any materials in or approaching the entrance to any library facility is prohibited
  • Any petitioning, conducting unauthorized surveys or distribution of non-library materials is prohibited

Tobacco, Alcohol, or other Substances

  • Smoking or use of electric cigarettes or any tobacco product in any library facility is prohibited (Official UCF Policy)
  • Bringing, possessing, or use of any alcohol or illegal drugs or substances within any library facility is prohibited
  • Displaying overt signs of alcohol or substance abuse is prohibited and may be reported to the UCF Police


The University of Central Florida prohibits the possession, use, or storage of weapons on property owned or controlled by the University of Central Florida. Bringing any sort of weapon (real or simulated) into any library facility is prohibited and will be reported to the UCF Police.

Last updated March 11, 2014 3:47:05 PM

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