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Materials Policies

Book and Gift Donations

The UCF Libraries welcomes gifts of books, CDs and DVDs from interested donors. However, the library is not interested in print runs of journals or older magazines, or old media including LPs, audio cassettes, and VHS tapes. Note that materials donated become the property of the UCF Libraries and cannot be returned. Further, UCF Libraries is not able to assign a dollar value to a gift. Gifts should be dropped-off or mailed to the UCF Libraries, as the library does not have a vehicle or staff to pick-up books. For more information see .

Electronic Resources Terms for Use

The majority of electronic resources offered by the Libraries have been licensed for the non-profit educational use of the University of Central Florida community. Use of these resources is limited to students, faculty and staff of UCF. Guests can use most licensed electronic resources onsite. Systematic copying from these resources is prohibited. Copyright law, individual license agreements, the University's policy on Use of Information Technology and Resources, as well as other applicable laws and regulations relate. For more information see .

Lost, Damaged, Overdue Materials

Until library materials are received by the UCF Libraries, they are the responsibility of the borrower. Credit for return will be given when the material is checked in at UCF Libraries Circulation Services. Materials returned to a non-UCF library or any other facility remains the responsibility of the borrower until they are received at the UCF Libraries and checked in. All materials which have been lost, damaged or stolen should be reported immediately to the Circulation Desk. If the item is overdue by more than 30 days it is automatically assumed lost. Patrons will be billed for the replacement cost of lost or stolen items; replacement copies can no longer be accepted. In the case of damaged items, patrons will be billed for repair costs. For more information see

Textbook Purchases

The UCF Libraries builds collections that support the teaching and research mission of UCF. The goal is to build breadth and depth in the various UCF-supported disciplines while taking into account two key factors - funding and space. These factors weigh in the decision by the library not to purchase textbooks as a routine. There are so many different textbooks used at UCF each semester that funding would not be available to purchase them. These textbooks often change edition very quickly leaving the library with outdated copies that take up valuable space. Finally, without the ability to purchase most of the textbooks any attempt to collect would result in the library benefitting some students while negatively impacting others. Occasionally students will find books in the UCF Libraries that are assigned as textbooks. This happens because the book has been selected on its merits and not because it is an assigned textbook. For more policy information see Patrons interested in seeing online textbook options should; go to the Libraries LibGuide, "Textbooks -- Online Library Resources," at: .

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