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Copyright Policies and Guidelines - UCF Libraries

Copyright Policies and Guidelines

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Copyright Policies and Guidelines


The purpose of these guidelines is to serve as a resource and to provide faculty and staff at the University of Central Florida (UCF) with a basic understanding of copyright and the principles of fair use as they apply to the appropriate use of the Librariesí services and materials.

The policies stated here apply to all UCF Libraries, including branches, regional campuses, and partnership libraries. This document is intended to provide information only and should not be considered to be legal advice. If there are legal questions pertaining to official UCF business relating to this issue, questions should be directed to the UCF Office of the General Counsel.

There is substantial confusion dealing with copyright issues. Much of the confusion results from information technology, electronic communication, and the ease wherein text, graphics, music and other media may be captured and reused. Links to detailed information and guidelines appear at the end of this document and should help clarify common misconceptions dealing with the U.S. Copyright Act, the concept of fair use and when to seek copyright.

Interlibrary Loan

The UCF Interlibrary Loan Department (ILL) follows the provisions for fair use of materials by libraries known as the CONTU (Commission on New Technological Uses) guidelines.

CONTU guidelines require "fair use" limits on interlibrary loan borrowing. Simply put, the UCF Libraries are only allowed to request 5 articles during one calendar year from any one periodical for which the Libraries do not hold a current subscription. The sixth time the UCF Libraries are asked to get an article for a patron from that same journal, we must look at the following alternatives:

  1. Pay a royalty fee to the copyright owner for each photocopy obtained. Most often, the UCF Libraries make these payments through the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC). For journals not registered with the CCC, the UCF Libraries try to obtain a copy through commercial document providers or attempt to obtain written permission from the publisher.
  2. Purchase an original copy of the work.
  3. Decline to fill the request.
  4. Wait for a new calendar year when the count of 5 requests for at title is reset.

Requests may be turned down if the copyright fee is excessive or if copy permission cannot be obtained.

Course Reserves

The UCF Libraries' Circulation Department, including the main library and other branches of UCF Libraries, provide course reserve services to support the teaching activities of the University. All reserve materials must comply with copyright laws. Any item for which the UCF faculty or staff has obtained written permission from the copyright holder, materials that fall within fair use, and any work in the public domain may be placed on reserve. Current fair use guidelines do not cover the use of material beyond one semester. At the end of each semester, all materials on reserve will be removed from reserve.

Faculty or staff placing materials on reserve are responsible for verifying that those items are copyright compliant. To assist in determining whether copyright permission is required, please consult the UCF Libraries Copyright Decision Tree. When required, written permission must be obtained. UCF Libraries' staff may require proof that materials placed on reserve do not violate copyright guidelines.

To date, there is no university-wide infrastructure for the University to process and/or pay for copyright permissions. Individual faculty members may check with their departments, or obtain permissions on an individual basis.

UCF InfoSource

The UCF InfoSource provides information, research and document delivery as part of the University's mission of service to the Central Florida community. The Information Source Office provides these services in accordance with U.S. Copyright Law. Under fair use guidelines photocopies and other reproductions can be provided when used for private study, scholarship or research purposes. Use of the reproduction for other purposes may make the user liable for copyright infringement. Clients are solely responsible for determining their obligations under copyright law. The Office is registered with and pays royalties to the Copyright Clearance Center on behalf of clients. The Office reserves the right to refuse to accept a copying request if, in its judgment, fulfillment would be in violation of the US Copyright Law.

Special Collections/Archives

Permission to Publish/Copyright

UCF Libraries may provide reproductions of Special Collections items under certain circumstances and in accordance with applicable law (including fair use). By providing reproductions, the UCF Libraries do NOT grant permission to publish or exhibit. Reproductions are provided for academic research purposes only. They may not be copied or distributed. Written permission to publish must be obtained from copyright and/or literary rights owners and from Special Collections for any publication or commercial use of copies. Fees may be charged at the discretion Director of the UCF Libraries. Write to:

Special Collections Department
UCF Libraries
P.O. Box 162666
Orlando, FL 32816-2666

Copying by Patrons

All patrons utilizing the UCF Libraries facilities to make copies or to download materials are required to comply with current U.S. copyright laws, the UCF Libraries copyright policies, and the Use of Information Technology and Resources Policy.


If you have any questions regarding the UCF Libraries' copyright policies or other copyright issues which pertain to official UCF business, please contact:

UCF Office of the General Counsel
(407) 823-2482

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