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Illuminations - Published Biannually

Many of you may be familiar with the printed version of Illuminations, distributed periodically to faculty over the past eight years. The new online version has a slightly different focus, but includes the same information about library services and resources. The new focus on the research interests and work of new faculty introduces them to the UCF community. Information on support from the UCF Libraries, Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning, the Office of Undergraduate Research, and more, will help new & veteran faculty members.

We hope this newsletter will evolve with each issue, always focusing on new faculty, but also including feature articles and news from departments around campus. If you would like to contribute, or know a faculty member who you would like to see featured here, please do not hesitate to contact John Venecek or Renee Cole Montgomery directly. Any and all suggestions are welcome!

InSTALLments - Published Monthly

Fall 2006 marked the first publication of a monthly newsletter for all who use the John C. Hitt Library on the Orlando campus: InSTALLments. Issues of InSTALLments are available in the restrooms on all five floors of the Main Library. Content is contributed by members of the Public Services departments of the library. The newsletter is edited and compiled by Renee Cole Montgomery, Information Literacy and Outreach Department. If you have questions please email the editor:

Subject Librarian Newsletters - Published Each Semester

Subject librarians provide research support to students and faculty to help them achieve their educational and academic goals. Subject librarians assist students at all levels with curriculum and research assignments. They are available in person, online, and by phone for consultation on how to find and use the best information for research projects and academic assignments. Subject librarians are also available to assist faculty members by providing instructional sessions for their courses, being available in Canvas, and by creating course-specific resource web pages. Subject librarians provide assistance to faculty members in their own research endeavors and also serve as a link to collection development for academic programs.

Subject Librarians also create newsletters for their faculty with news & updates. Take a look at some of the newsletters below, as well as, a listing of our Subject Librarians.

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