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Climate & Weather Resources

Weather Topics
General Resources, Auroras, Climatic Changes & Global Warming, Cyclones, Droughts, El Niño, Floods, Frost, Ice, Snow, Hurricanes, Meteorology, Natural Disasters, Rainbow, Space Weather, Storms, Temperature, Tides, Tornadoes, Typhoons, Wind Chill

National Climatic Data Center

Online Publications (UCF access only)

  • Provides files for Monthly Climatic Data for the World, Storm Data, Local Climatological Data, Climatological Data, Hourly Precipitation Data, and Heating & Cooling Degree Day Data. Select the Free access by certain agencies and individuals link to obtain the full reports.
  • To retrieve Local Climatological Data, you need to know the correct station abbreviations.  The Florida stations are:
DAB - Daytona Beach Regional Airport KYW - Key West International Airport TLH - Tallahassee Municipal Airport
FMY - Fort Myers MIA - Miami International Airport TPA - Tampa International Airport
GNV - Gainesville Municipal Airport MCO - Orlando International Airport VRB - Vero Beach Municipal Airport
JAX - Jacksonville International Airport PNS - Pensacola Regional Airport PBI - West Palm Beach International Airport
  • The UCF Library has paper or microfiche copies of some earlier issues of these publications in the US Documents Collection, including:
    • Climatological Data - Florida [US DOCS C55.214/8:]
    • Local Climatological Data - Orlando [US DOCS C55.217:]

Get/View Online Climatic Data and Weather Observations

Historic Data for Florida Stations

Fires and Storms in Florida

Water Resources of Florida - Orlando Subdistrict (USGS)

Other Resources

  • Weather America [REF QC983.W385 1996] provides key climatological data, with rankings, for over 4,000 places in the United States based on observations from 1965-1994.
  • Weather of U.S. Cities [REF QC983.W393 1996] provides a guide to the recent weather histories of 268 key cities and weather observation stations in the United States and its island territories.
  • Engineering Weather Data [REF TH7015.K54 2001] is intended to be a comprehensive, single weather data resource including all data commonly used for building systems design and energy analysis for 375 United States, Canadian and worldwide cities.   Includes BIN data, degree days, ventilation energy consumption, humidification water consumption, heat recovery savings, economizer savings, and ASHRAE design conditions.
"The time period of coverage ranges from the 1830s through the 1970s with most data from the period prior to 1960. Each series typically includes observations for a number of meteorological and other geophysical parameters."
"covers research related to analysis and prediction of observed and modeled circulations of the atmosphere, including technique development, data assimilation, model validation, and relevant case studies. This includes papers on numerical techniques and data assimilation techniques that apply to the atmosphere and/or ocean environment."
Why the Weather? (1923-1941)

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