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Book and Media Requests

Anyone may suggest a book or media title for purchase by completing the Recommendation Form below There is, however, no guarantee that the title requested will be purchased. The request will be given to the appropriate subject-area librarian. Factors considered in the selection of materials include the collection policy for the subject, the cost of the title, and the availability of funds.

Journal and Database Requests

UCF faculty may suggest journals or databases for purchase by consulting with the librarian assigned to a specific subject area. Factors considered in the selection of journals include coverage of the requested title in databases and indexes, the title's specific application towards course work and teaching, and the availability of funds to support the ongoing subscription for the title. For databases, factors for selection include the title's coverage of the journal literature, ease of use, and the availability of funds to support an ongoing subscription.

Recommendation Form

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Due to the continuing expense and long-term maintenance associated with journal subscriptions, a justification of the subscription must accompany your request. Describe in detail research and/or courses that the recommended journal will support. If it will support courses, include the course names and numbers.

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Is this resource needed for course reserves? If so, specify the course number and semester.

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