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Library Advisory Committee

The Library Advisory Committee is a reporting committee of the UCF Faculty Senate that provides advice to the Libraries concerning materials and services needed by faculty and students in their teaching and research endeavors.

The Committee consists of sixteen members as follows:

  • one college dean (appointed by the provost)
  • one department chair (appointed by the provost)
  • ten faculty members, one from each college*
  • one graduate student
  • one undergraduate student
  • a librarian member of the Faculty Senate (ex officio)*
  • and directors of University Libraries (ex officio)

Duties and Responsibilities include:

  • To facilitate communication between the library and its academic clientele.
  • To act as advocates of the Library in university-wide decision-making groups.
  • To act as an Advisory Council to the Library Administration.
  • The committee meets three times a year (one brief early session to elect a chair for the year, and two regular meetings, one each semester). Special ad hoc meetings may be called for emergencies if requested by members, the Faculty Senate, or the director of Libraries.
  • To comply with the relevant provisions of Article IV.D.3.g and Article VIII.G of the Faculty Constitution.
  • To bring any policy change recommendations to the Faculty Senate Steering Committee for consideration.

*Faculty members and the library senator are selected by the Faculty Senate's Committee on Committees with recommendations from the deans of the colleges and the Director of Libraries.

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