Reach Out & Touch Someone! Using an Open House to Market Library Resources to Teaching Faculty


Databases come and go. Electronic interfaces change. Technology is shifting from CD-ROM to Web delivered. Remote access is available. Wired classrooms allow hands-on instruction. Electronic reserves are commonplace. How do you get your faculty instructed, enlightened and involved with the changing face of library resources and services?

You make it fun! For the past several years the University of Central Florida Library has hosted an open house for new and returning faculty members. As one of the fastest growing urban campuses in the nation, the Library’s objective was to promote library services to the faculty in an effort to integrate library instruction and effective research in the classroom environment. In addition to demonstating classrooms, databases, and services, open house also offered tours of acauisition, cataloging, and other "behind the scenes" departments. The demonstrations and tours, combined with door prizes, great food and an upbeat atmosphere, have had a positive impact on how faculty view the library and its commitment to excellence in teaching and research needs.

This presentation offers concrete suggestions for planning, marketing, and hosting a library open house. Any library that is interested in promoting their resources and services will be interested in this session. Handouts accompanying the session will include time lines, planning guides, and outcomes.

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