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About UCF's Government Resources and Services

FDLP logo Federal Documents: UCF became a member of the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) in 1966. The selection percentage has increased over the years, with UCF currently receiving approximately 90% of Federal publications distributed through this program. Documents in every subject area are collected. The libraries' collections include many materials with information dating back to 1789 and earlier.
Florida Documents: The UCF Libraries receive all public documents distributed by the State Library of Florida through the Florida Public Documents Depository Program (FPDDP). Although the depository program didn't begin until 1968, the libraries' collections also include some materials with information dating back to statehood in 1845 and reprints of some territorial papers.
PTDLP logo Patents and Trademarks: The UCF Libraries receive all materials distributed through the Patent & Trademark Depository Library Program (PTDLP). The UCF Patent & Trademark Library is open to the public and has the resources needed to do preliminary patent and trademark research. The libraries' extensive collection includes resources dating to 1790 for historical patent and trademark research.

Research Assistance with Government Topics and Publications

Walk-in Assistance
Assistance with government topic research is available at the UCF Library's Research Assistance Desk during all staffed hours. The Research Assistance / Reference Desk is on the entrance level (2nd floor), halfway back as you walk into the Library (Map). Most questions can be handled directly by the staff at the Research Assistance Desk. For more complex questions, the Documents Librarian is accessible through the staff at the desk most weekdays during daytime hours, and the Documents Librarian staffs the desk most Monday evenings until 10 PM. At times when the Research Assistance Desk is closed (e.g., after 10 PM), directional assistance may be available from the staff at the Circulation / Book Return Desk at the entrance of the Library.
Remote Assistance
Brief government topic questions can be submitted electronically or by telephone (407-823-2562) to Ask A Librarian.
Appointments for Research Assistance
A Research Consultation is a one-on-one appointment with a librarian for extensive, in-depth research assistance. If you need more help than can be provided at the Research Assistance Desk or from the Ask A Librarian service, you may sign up for a Research Consultation appointment. At least 48 business hours notice is required for all appointments. Normally this service is only available to UCF students, faculty, and staff, but the Documents Librarian may be available to assist members of the general public with research questions related to information from the government document collections.

Locating Government Documents

Location of the Florida and U.S. Documents Collections
The principal collections for Florida Documents and U.S. Documents are located on the entrance level (2nd floor), past the Research Assistance Desk and to the left (Map).
Some documents may be in one of the microfiche collections or shelved on another floor in the General Collection of the UCF Library, so please ask at the Research Assistance Desk for help in locating specific documents.
Location of the Patents & Trademark Library
The Patents & Trademark Library is located on the entrance level (2nd floor), past the Research Assistance Desk and straight back to the rear of the building (Map).
Catalogs and Indexes of Government Information

Many older documents that are available at the UCF Libraries are not yet listed in the online UCF library catalog, but you might be able to identify the appropriate call number for the UCF Libraries' collection through another library's catalog. The UCF Library maintains a piece-level shelflist identifying the complete holdings of all depository items. A retrospective cataloging project is currently underway to inventory all older documents and fully describe the library's holdings in the online catalog.

Checking Out Materials

All government publications are available for on-site use by the university community and the general public.

Many documents are available for checkout to UCF students, faculty, staff, and holders of " Special Borrower's Cards."

Looking for something else? Ask for assistance at the UCF Libraries' Research Assistance Desk or contact Ask A Librarian.

Prepared by: Rich Gause, Government Documents Librarian
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