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Our Team

The Office of Scholarly Communication is supported by a diverse and talented team. The team is mainly librarians from other departments who volunteer on the Scholarly Communication (SC) Committee. The team is led by Sarah Norris, SC Librarian.

We maintain a wide range of services and projects in order to meet our goals. The projects are supported by the SC Committee’s subgroups called work groups. The Research Lifecycle (RLC) model was originally created by the RLC Committee, but is now updated by the RLC work group.


  • Collaborate with other campus units to provide a suite of campus-wide services.
  • Advocate for the infrastructure, staffing, publishing funds, and services.
  • Educate and facilitate discussions about the changing scholarly communication environment, including the move to open access and sustainable publishing and exploring new ways to create, disseminate, evaluate, and preserve research and scholarly outputs at the university.

Team Members

Sarah Norris


Sarah Norris is the Scholarly Communication Librarian. She leads the UCF Libraries’ scholarly communication and open access outreach efforts. In her free time, she enjoys theme parks and gluten-free dining. Contact her for questions about copyright, open access, author rights, where to publish, and general information about scholarly communication.

Andy Todd


Andy Todd serves UCF Libraries as the Subject Librarian for the UCF College of Nursing. He is a member of the Scholarly Communication Advisory Group and has been involved with creating UCF’s Research Lifecycle model, and continues to be involved with other projects and discussions. He enjoys mountain biking and trail running when he has time.

Athena Hoeppner


Athena Hoeppner is the Electronic Resources Librarian at UCF and jointly oversees eResources acquisitions, resource discovery services, and related access technologies. Her first love remains public service, thus she serves four hours per week in Reference and Ask a Librarian. Athena’s work and research center on applying technology to connect users to content, with projects to explore usability, user experience, and discovery technologies. Contact her with questions about discovery support.

Barbara Tierney


Barbara Tierney is a member of the Scholarly Communication Advisory Group. She serves UCF Libraries as the Head of the Research and Information Services Dept. (RIS) and leads the RIS Subject Librarians in their Scholarly Communication/STARS outreach and marketing to faculty and students in their assigned disciplines.

Carrie Moran


Carrie Moran is the User Engagement Librarian, and the liaison to Psychology, Social Work, and Women’s & Gender Studies. She is a Blue Button Expert on presentation skills, which means she is good at talking to large groups of strangers. She likes doing this so much that she often can be found reading her poetry to strangers at open mic nights and storytelling performances.


Cindy Dancel is the Senior Art Specialist. She creates graphics which visualize the scholarly communication process to help students and faculty better understand complex processes and ideas. When not creating posters, logos, and other fun things, she can be found snowboarding, sky diving, or running with the bulls. Ok, that’s a lie; she’s at home watching Netflix and eating ice cream.

Corinne Bishop


Corinne Bishop is the Social Sciences and Graduate Outreach Librarian. She coordinates and presents topics for the UCF Libraries’ graduate workshop series offered in collaboration with the College of Graduate Studies. Corinne also serves as subject librarian for Interdisciplinary Studies, Public Administration, Political Science and Criminal Justice programs. In her free time, she enjoys visiting art museums, listening to all kinds of music, yoga, and gardening. Contact her for questions about graduate workshop sessions, graduate events or orientations, and Mendeley citation management tool.


John Venecek is a Research & Information Services Librarian and liaison to the departments of Africana Studies, Art, English, Latin American Studies, Modern Languages, Texts & Technology, and Writing & Rhetoric. John enjoys a highly glutinous diet and is a fan of street/urban art. Contact him for questions about Open Educational Resources, Open Access, and for general information about scholarly communication.

Kerri Bottorff


Kerri Bottorff is the Digital Collections Project Coordinator. She manages the UCF Theses and Dissertations Collections, including both Graduate and Undergraduate works, and assists with many of the projects in UCF’s institutional repository, STARS. In her other life, Kerri is a figure skater, competing both locally and around the East Coast.

Lee Dotson


Lee Dotson is the Digital Initiatives Librarian. She leads the UCF Libraries’ digital collection and digital preservation efforts and manages UCF’s institutional repository, STARS. Contact her for questions about data management plans and open access hosting.

Mary Rubin


Mary Rubin is the Senior Archivist for University Archives. In her free time, she enjoys going to museums and art galleries. Contact her for questions about long term preservation and inclusion in the University Archives.

Dr. Penny Beile


Dr. Penny Beile is the Associate Director for Research, Education, and Engagement. She’s most active with open education, specifically working to create a campus climate that recognizes and supports textbook affordability efforts. When not at UCF, you can find her gardening, horseback riding, or trying a new recipe. Contact her with your textbook affordability ideas or questions.

Rachel Mulvihill


Rachel Mulvihill is Head of the Teaching & Engagement department at the UCF Libraries. She is a member of the Scholarly Communication Advisory Group and assists with videos and event planning. She has no spare time but tries to squeeze running into her schedule, even if only on a treadmill. Contact Rachel with questions about instructional videos.

Renee Montgomery


Renee Montgomery is the Blue Button Expert for citation management. She is an Outreach Librarian in the Teaching & Engagement Department. Contact her for questions about RefWorks or Endnote.

Rich Gause


Rich Gause is the Government Information Librarian. His efforts in addressing textbook affordability include identifying textbook alternatives from open educational resources and materials available through library subscriptions. Rich provides assistance to UCF researchers regarding a broad range of subjects including statistical demographic data, Florida, business, criminal justice, history, legal studies, political science, public administration, security studies, and theatre. He enjoys travel and tabletop games.

Sai Deng


Sai Deng is the Metadata Librarian at the University of Central Florida Libraries. She works collaboratively with Digital Initiatives, Special Collections and University Archives in the library. She enjoys taking care of her dog, flower garden and visiting art and history museums. Contact her for metadata consultation services, metadata production assistance, and data organization, access and discovery issues.

Ven Basco


Ven Basco is the Blue Button Expert for citation metrics. He helps with conducting a comprehensive analysis of a scholar’s work including identifying key journals in their field. He is also the subject librarian for engineering and computer science. He enjoys watching movies and TV shows. Contact him for questions about citation metrics.

UCF Libraries’ Research Lifecycle Committee

The Research Lifecycle (RLC) Committee met on February 29, 2012 for initial discussions to identify stakeholder groups and needs for the RLC. The committee included Lee Dotson, Penny Beile, Athena Hoeppner, Corinne Bishop, Mary Page, Rich Gause, Sandra Varry, Selma Jaskowski, Therese Triumph, and Andy Todd. The group has grown and changed over time along with the versioning of the lifecycle. The design of the RLC was inspired by OpenWetWare’s Research Cycle.

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