Citation Search

What is a citation search?

A citation search will show you how many times your articles have been cited by others.

Why should I have a citation search performed?

  • A citation search can be added to your portfolio for promotion purposes.
  • Candidates for a UCF departmental position can be compared.
  • Interesting to know who is citing your work and in which disciplines.

How is a citation search performed?

  • A Subject Librarian will assist faculty in searching one or more of the Thomson’s ISI SciSearch®, Social SciSearch® and/or Arts & Humanities Search® databases through Web of Science depending on your discipline.

What are the limitations of a citation search through ISI databases?

  • Books, book chapters, conference proceedings, dissertations and technical reports may be excluded.
  • Some journals in various fields may be excluded.
  • Journal articles in press are not included in the databases.
  • Journals are not consistently indexed nor indexed retrospectively when added to the databases.
  • The focus is strongly on sciences and some of the social sciences.
  • There is limited coverage of non-English publications.

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