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Displaying 101-150 of 232 for Institute for Simulation and Training Requests
Record Title Author Format Item Description PURL Status
DP0006215 World Wide Web interface Study - Final Report N/A N/A 0000006 Link Finished
DP0006216 Prototype OSI-Based Communications Architecture for the Distributed Interac... N/A N/A 0000007 Link Finished
DP0006217 Distance Education and its Relevence to Nonresident Foreign Language Traini... N/A N/A 0000008 Link Finished
DP0006218 Modeling and Simulation Environment Server for Distributed/Embedded Environ... N/A N/A 0000009 Link Finished
DP0006219 Simulation Networks Modeling and Monitoring - Final Report N/A N/A 0000010 Link Finished
DP0006220 Correlation Studies - Final Report N/A N/A 0000011 Link Finished
DP0006221 Embedded Training Technology Research and Integration Laboratory to Support... N/A N/A 0000012 Link Finished
DP0006222 ASTAR Abbreviated User's Manual N/A N/A 0000014 Link Finished
DP0006223 Forign Language Educational Technology Database N/A N/A 0000015 Link Finished
DP0006224 Improving Chinese Language Instruction N/A N/A 0000016 Link Finished
DP0006225 A General Model for Enhancing Chinese Language Instruction Through Technolo... N/A N/A 0000017 Link Finished
DP0006226 Technical Issues Related to Mission Rehearsal N/A N/A 0000018 Link Finished
DP0006227 Automated Entity Generation in Distributed Interactive Simulation N/A N/A 0000019 Link Finished
DP0006228 Statement of Capabilities for Research, Development, Training, and Evaluati... N/A N/A 0000020 Link Finished
DP0006229 Survey Results - Interim Technical Report N/A N/A 0000021 Link Finished
DP0006230 Knowledge Representation and Acquisition Methods in Distributed Simulation ... N/A N/A 0000022 Link Finished
DP0006231 Operational Study 2 - Seawolf Internal Auxiliary Launcher N/A N/A 0000023 Link Finished
DP0006232 Head Tracking and Head Mounted Displays for Training Simulations N/A N/A 0000024 Link Finished
DP0006233 Manprint and Training Equipment Design - The Utility of Existing Data for A... N/A N/A 0000025 Link Finished
DP0006234 Situational Awareness - An Analysis and Preliminary Model of the Cognitive ... N/A N/A 0000026 Link Finished
DP0006235 System of Capabilities for Development of a Prototype Manpower, Personnel, ... N/A N/A 0000027 Link Finished
DP0006236 Institute for Simulation and Training - Statement of Capabilities for Suppo... N/A N/A 0000028 Link Finished
DP0006237 German Video Teletraining Pilot Project - Evaluation Report N/A N/A 0000029 Link Finished
DP0006238 Study Plan for the Joint Working Group for Embedded Training N/A N/A 0000030 Link Finished
DP0006239 Literature Review for Intelligent Simulated Forces N/A N/A 0000031 Link Finished
DP0006240 Initial User Survey N/A N/A 0000032 Link Finished
DP0006241 Geospecific Databases - Final Report N/A N/A 0000033 Link Finished
DP0006242 GISMO - Competition Results and Final Report N/A N/A 0000034 Link Finished
DP0006283 Multiple Images Generator Databases Final Report N/A N/A 0000035 Link Finished
DP0006284 BUGS - A Test Bed for Catastrophe Based Collective Behavior N/A N/A 0000036 Link Finished
DP0006285 Preliminary Investigations Into Efficient Line of Sight Determination in Po... N/A N/A 0000037 Link Finished
DP0006286 Functional Specification and Implemented Capabilities of the IST Semi-Autom... N/A N/A 0000038 Link Finished
DP0006287 Web-Based Distibuted Simulation N/A N/A 0000039 Link Finished
DP0006288 IST Virtual Environment Team Training System - Intelligent Tutoring Enhance... N/A N/A 0000040 Link Finished
DP0006290 I/ITSEC 1994 Demonstration Project 2851 1994 SIF I/ITSEC Data and SIF API T... N/A N/A 0000044 Link Finished
DP0006291 Operational Study #1 M60A1 Main Interim Report N/A N/A 0000045 Link Finished
DP0006292 Korean Computer Assisted(CAS)/ Video Teletraining(VTT) Pilot Project N/A N/A 0000046 Link Finished
DP0006293 Korean Computer Assisted Study/ Video Teletraining CAS/ VTT Pilot Test N/A N/A 0000047 Link Finished
DP0006294 Guidance Document Draft - Communication Architecture for Distributed Intera... N/A N/A 0000048 Link Finished
DP0006295 User's Analysis and Evaluation of Two Computer-Based Training System Design... N/A N/A 0000050 Link Finished
DP0006296 Interconversions Between Different Coordinate Systems N/A N/A 0000051 Link Finished
DP0006297 DIS Testbed Research and Development - Work Plan Report #1 N/A N/A 0000052 Link Finished
DP0006298 A Survey of Communications Status and Needs for Distance Education and Tele... N/A N/A 0000053 Link Finished
DP0006299 Florida Teletraining Project - Reconfiguration of Military Courses for Vide... N/A N/A 0000054 Link Finished
DP0006300 GISMO - A Game for Intelligent Simulated Military Opponents N/A N/A 0000055 Link Finished
DP0006301 Intelligent Placement of Disaggregated Entities N/A N/A 0000056 Link Finished
DP0006302 Test Procedures for Compliance with IEEE 1278 and Interoperability with Dis... N/A N/A 0000058 Link Finished
DP0006303 Forms Translator Assistant Final Report N/A N/A 0000059 Link Finished
DP0006304 I/ITSEC DIS Interoperability Demonstration Test Procedures and Results N/A N/A 0000057 Link Finished
DP0006305 Time Synchronization Server N/A N/A 0000070 Link Finished
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Displaying 101-150 of 232 for Institute for Simulation and Training Requests
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