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Full Title:Radio Ministry of St. Luke's Lutheran Church
Date of Publication:N/A
Place of Publication:N/A
Subjects:Slavia (Fla.) -- History
Brief Description:Under the supervision of Rev. Stephen Tuhy, St. Luke's initiated a ministry, entitled "The Lutheran Radio Mission" on Sunday, May 4, 1952. The full hour programs featured live, direct broadcasts of St. Luke's English worship services every week, via "remote control." The equipment operators (young men of the congregation) were trained by Pastor Tuhy, who adhered to the highest FCC standards in preparing the broadcasts. To that end, Pastor Tuhy personally composed musical interludes, which were played by the organists to cover the silences (or the sound of his footsteps) as he traversed the chancel area...from lectern to altar, e.g., during the worship service. The congregation was prompted to be in their pews, ready to sing the signature hymn ("A Mighty Fortress") immediately after the ringing of the bell, which was done at precisely the right time each week. The radio ministry continued for about 3 decades, although in later years, changes in delivery systems and management of area stations dictated that the broadcasts be delayed for one week. Recordings of the services were hand-delivered to the stations for that purpose early each week. The general public and especially "shut-ins" were encouraged to listen to the broadcasts. This outreach ministry was further enhanced by the gift of recordings (and even actual radios), as well as visits, made to patients in area hospitals and others who were confined to their beds or did not have a church home of their own. Pastor Tuhy, in a interview with the "Orlando Evening Star," on December 5, 1953, announced the move of the program to WORZ, a station which "will cover 17 counties of Central FL from the Atlantic to the Gulf." Articles from various publications, including "The Orlando Evening Star," "The Orlando Sentinel Star," "The Floridian," and the "Sanford Herald" from May, 1952 through March, 1954.
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Call Number:SLC_B059-a_aai; SLC_B059; SLC_B060; SLC_B061
Page Count:N/A
Copyright Clearance Basis:Written permission from copyright owner

Repository Specifications

St. Luke's
St. Luke's Lutheran Church: Brick Church 1939-1956
St. Luke's Lutheran Church; Radio Ministry; WTTR, Sanford; WORZ; WDBO; WKIS; Sentinel Star, Orlando; The Floridian; Sanford Herald
Seminole County, Fla.
St. Luke's Church Archives
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