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Last Modified:2013-10-16 15:39:00
Status Description:Scanning is complete. This item is done.

Document Specifications

Full Title:Interior of 1939 brick church. Vertical view and closeup of chancel area.
Date of Publication:N/A
Place of Publication:N/A
Subjects:Slavia (Fla.) -- History
Brief Description:In a rare vertical shot of the interior of the first brick church, built in 1939, one can see the rafters and steep pitch of the ceiling as well as much of the detail in the chancel area...the altar, the lectern, kneeling rails,the light fixture and 3 windows (not stained glass, but may have been translucent) above the altar. One can see that there was, indeed, a 'side aisle' as well as a center aisle and the door that led to the pastor's sacristy... which had an exterior door on the east side of the building. The hymn board contained the reference numbers of the hymns to be sung and also of the antiphons which were chanted by the pastor and congregation. c. 1940s. A cropped version of the photo, providing a closeup of the altar is also attached. Sepia snapshot, scanned on Epson 10000XL at SLLC, 2011.
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Technical Specifications

Call Number:SLC_B050-aai; SLC_B050; SLC_B050-b
Page Count:N/A
Copyright Clearance Basis:Written permission from copyright owner

Repository Specifications

St. Luke's
St. Luke's Lutheran Church: Brick Church 1939-1956
1939 brick church; Interior of 1939 church
Seminole County, Fla.
Tesinsky Family Collection
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