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John C. Hitt Library Hours

Fall Intersession Hours
(Dec 10, 2014 - Jan 11, 2015)
We-Fr, 12/10-12 7:30a - 5:00p
Sa-Su, 12/13-14 CLOSED
Mo-Fr, 12/15-19 7:30a - 5:00p
Sa-Su, 12/20-21 CLOSED
Mo-Fr, 12/22-24 7:30a - 5:00p
12/25-01/04 CLOSED
Mo-Fr, 01/5-9 7:30a - 5:00p
Sat, 01/10 CLOSED
Sun 01/11 12:00p - 11:00p
Mon, 01/12 Classes Begin
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Call Numbers

The call numbers in the Main Library use the Library of Congress classification for books in the General Collection, Reference, and Index areas. Once you have gotten to the proper area of the Library, follow these steps:

  1. The first one, two or three letters which begin the call number are arranged alphabetically: H falls before HA, which is before HB, etc.
  2. The numbers which come directly after these first letters are treated as whole numbers: 10 is followed by 11, not by 101.
  3. The next letter should be after a decimal point and is arranged alphabetically.
  4. The numbers after this last letter are treated as decimal numbers: 10 is followed by 101, not 11.
  5. Any more letters and numbers are treated as in steps 3 and 4 (except for dates which sometimes follow the classification).

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