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Detailed information on all available library instruction tools:

Face-to-Face Instruction
Bring your class to the library, or we'll come to you!  Students learn to select, evaluate, and use electronic and print resources for their research.

Embedded Librarian
Have a librarain IN your webcourse.  The librarian's level of interaction with the class is up to you.  Your Subject Librarian can be available to answer student questions, create a lesson and assignment within your Canvas course, or create a specific subject guide for your course.

Information Literacy Modules
The 14 modules cover appropriate ways for students to gather, evaluate, and use information.  Each module covers one information literacy topic, usually takes under 30 minutes to complete, and includes content, practice, and assessment.  Popular topics include Avoiding Plagiarism, Citing Sources Using APA or MLA Style, and Recognizing a Research Study. 

Introduction to Library Research Strategies
A stand-alone webcourse in Canvas with basic library skills content, practice quizzes, and a 10 question assessment which can be assigned by faculty.  This nuts-and-bolts course introduces students to practical skills such as navigating the Libraries web page, using OneSearch and Ask A Librarian, and research concepts such as scholarly vs. popular sources, primary vs. secondary sources, and avoiding plagiarism.

Fall 2014 Library Research Workshops
Audience-specific drop-in sessions on particular topics (like Endnote & RefWorks), offered throughout the semester, often in conjunction with the Graduate Student Center.

Streaming Videos
Provide step-by-step instructions for completing common library tasks such as finding peer-reviewed articles, using OneSearch or Interlibrary loan, or finding a book.

Library Research Guides
Useful resources compiled by Subject Librarians, there are hundreds of existing guides on particular subjects, and guides can be created for a specific class or assignment [link to examples].

Self-Guided Tour
Physically familiarizes students with the resources and service points on the 1st through 3rd floors of the John C. Hitt Library.  Includes an exercise worksheet which can be turned in to course instructor as proof of completion.  The tour is available across from the Circulation Desk at the entrance to the library or from the Research and Information Desk. Online maps with detailed information about each floor is also available.

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