Searching for Journals Stratgies 1

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Concepts for this unit:
  • Journal vs. Magazine
  • Library Card Number
  • Work at your own pace
  • Using Index
  • Distributed Learning
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Hi, this is Donna Goda again, from the UCF Library. This is the second segment of instruction on using library resources and we are going to focus on searching for Journal articles. Some people call them magazines, I'll most probably use both terms here today. If you really want to know the difference please stop by and ask a Librarian at the Reference Desk for an explanation.

The two common questions people ask when searching for journal articles are: Where do I look for articles? and How do I look for articles? If you want to search for articles from home the first thing you have to do, your first step is to get your Library card number. Your student ID card actually has your Library card number, once you have the number you have to get it activated. If you have checked out a book, even once, your card is activated. You can call the library or you can activate your card on-line. How do we do that? From the library homepage, click on Index in the upper right hand corner. Click on L for Library card and in this list of choices that begin with L, click on library ID activation request form.

If you are a Distance Learner you have a whole set of instructions under D for Distributed Education. So go to the index again and click on D go to Distributed Learning. All of the services available to you there including activating your Library ID card will be found.

Finding Books and Articles

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