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Concepts for this unit:
  • Reference desk
  • Repeat as needed
  • Work at your own pace
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Hi, My name is Donna Goda and I am a Reference Librarian at the University of Central Florida Library. This presentation is about using the library to find information for, let's say, an assignment you have been given to write a paper.

A quick review. Using this presentation is just like using a CD or video player at home. Once you have downloaded the streaming video or installed the CD, I want you to open an Internet browser window so that you can try something out, you can immediately reinforce what you have just heard by practicing what I've demonstrated.

Again this is navigating the internet window, just like you have done before.
The little minus sign in the upper right hand corner of the window will minimize one window, and then you can use another. You might also want to set a bookmark for the Library home page the site is You set a bookmark if you are on Navigator, or in your favorites in Internet Explorer. That way you can easily go back to the Library homepage. When you click on a new window, the old window will automatically MINIMIZE, then when you click on the minimized window in the bar it will MAXIMIZE.

Finding Books and Articles

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