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     Health and Wellness Resource Center provides access to current medical, health, and wellness information.  Types of resources include a medical encyclopedia, magazine and journal articles, and pamphlets.  Most resources have full-text access.


            Go to the UCF Libraries homepage at

            Click on <Articles & Databases>

            Click on the letter "H" in  the Titles alphabetical menu.

            Click on 

    Health and Wellness Resource Center Full Text




    • Menu buttons under the logo take you to different content areas of the Health & Wellness Resource Center.  Ex. Medical encyclopedia.
    • Type a keyword/s in the Search for space provided.


    • Limit your search to full-text articles or to refereed publications (peer reviewed. Articles are of a scholarly nature) by clicking in the appropriate box or boxes on the search screen.
    • Limit retrieval to articles within a particular date range by using the pull-down menus to select months, days and years or
    • Click on the Advanced Search button and use the pull-down menu to select the type of search you wish to perform:

      o       Article/Title headline: Word in the article, reference document or newspaper headline

      o       Keyword: Word found anywhere in the entry

      o       Author:

      o       Subject

      o       Source title (Journal name)

    • Click Search

    View Search Results: 

    •  Related searches, given on the left side of the screen, lists subject headings containing your term.  Clicking on those terms will allow you to see related terms. However, if you limited results by full-text or refereed items, related searches will not appear.

    • Documents are grouped by the following document categories: Reference, Magazines & Journals, Pharmacy, Pamphlets, and Resources. Clicking on the labeled tabs allows you to choose the type of document.  The results list will display the title of the document and its source.

    • Document titles are linked.  Authors of the articles follow.  Journal titles are given in bold lettering.  Dates, volume numbers, issue numbers and page numbers are given.

    •   indicates that full-text is provided.    indicates that an image is present.

    • Click on the link to view the abstract and (where present) full-text of the document.


    • Click on the Print icon, on the left side of your screen display, to format the documents for printing.

    • Select Print from your browser to print the document/s.


    • Click on the Email icon, on the left side of your screen display, to email the retrieved document/s to a valid email address.  Images will not be emailed.

    • Choose either HTML or plain text before emailing documents.

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    Prepared by:  Terrie Sypolt,  Reference Librarian

    Last update: 03 June 2009