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    Education Full-Text User Guide


    Education Full Text gives library users access to thorough and reliable indexing of some 400 leading periodicals. It encompasses all areas of concern to today's educators, including administration, teaching methods, and curriculum.

     To Begin:

             Go to the UCF Libraries home page:

             Click on <Articles & Databases> and then select <Education> from the Discipline list, scroll down , and click on <Education Full-text> OR    select the letter "E" on the Titles line, scroll down  and select  


    • Click the box next to Education Full-text at the top of the page to display searching options.  Scroll down the list to see if    you wish to include other databases in the search.  For example, I normally include Omni Full Text Mega as well.

    •    Each database has a unique Guide containing information specific to that database that includes explanations of special
         features and lists of codes or keywords used.

             Type in keywords, subject/s, title, and/or author or descriptors in the Search for spaces provided.  For the best results, be specific.  Use at least two terms.  Click <Start>.



              Search allows you to retrieve by subject, title, author, journal name, and source,

              Use boolean logic (AND, OR, NOT) by clicking in the gray pull-down menu to the left.

    Example: elementary AND teachers (retrieves items containing both terms; AND narrows search.)
    Example: teenagers OR adolescents (retrieves items containing either term; OR broadens the search.)
    Example: AIDS NOT hospitals (retrieves items containing the first term, but excludes items containing the second term).

             Use quotes around a phrase "best practices"
           Example: classroom w management (retrieves items with the phrase classroom management)

             Use ? to replace one character in a term.  Example: wom?n will retrieve woman or women

             An * is used to truncate words.  Example method* will yield method, methods, methodology.

             Limit dates to: Select the option you need by clicking on one of these boxes:  Any year, within the last 12 months, or type in a range: From year 1998 to year 2004.

          Full text: Click on this box to limit your search to full text articles only.  If you do so, be aware that you may miss some good articles, including those which might be full-text elsewhere.

             Peer reviewed:  Click on this box to limit results to articles that are generally more scholarly or research based.  Often they have been read and approved by authorities in the field before they are published.  (If you forget to limit the search to Peer reviewed, you can do so later by clicking on the Peer reviewed icon   across the top of the results display.)

             Click on the <Start> button.


    Subject searching:


             Click on the <Thesaurus> icon on the blue left window of your screen so that your marked records will be displayed for printing.

             Click in the Search Thesaurus for box and type your subject.

             Click Start.

             Once you have chosen a subject, either click on its link to display results or copy the subject heading and:

        Click on the Advanced search button

        Paste or type the subject heading exactly as it is given in the thesaurus

        Click the dropdown arrow in the search box and scroll down to highlight Subject

        Type any other terms you wish to include in the additional search boxes

        Choose and, or, not to connect the terms

        Click in the peer reviewed if you want to limit results to scholarly articles

        Click Start    




             Use the scroll bar to examine search results.  Click on Full at the bottom of the screen to view the abstracts of the articles

             Click on the icons to the left of each record for Full text or PDF to display the full-text.

           - Article is available in HTML full text

           - Article is available in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format

             Select the item/s you wish to see from the list displayed.

             Click on > <Next> to go forward in the list. Click on  < <Previous> to go back in the list.


                  This symbol shows the library subscribes to this journal title .   Check the UCF catalog to see if we have the specific 

               volume and issue you need.  Refer to the Finding Articles in Journals handout for directions.

                 Click on the SFX button   to see if the item is available full-text. 

                 Fill out an interlibrary loan request form for articles we donít have and submit them electronically, if you wish to borrow the article from another library.  Go to the UCF library homepage.  Click <Interlibrary Loan>.  Then click on <Article Request Form>.  Fill in the requested spaces


             Mark each item you wish to save for printing/emailing by clicking the checkboxes next to each article on the citation list. 
    This will allow you to print or email more than one article at a time.


        Printing Full Text Articles:

             Click on the <Print Email Save> icon  on the left side of your screen so that your marked records will be displayed for printing.

             Select Print Option.

             Select All in the fields option to print the full text.

             Select HTML for full text articles and click on on the <Print> button.  Your browser's File menu will open the document in a new window.  Click on Print.

        Printing PDF Articles:

             Click on the printer icon at the top of article window.   Your browser printer option will open.   

             Click Ok or Print.

    Email Records:

    • Click on the <Print Email Save> icon   on the page.

    • Type your email address in the Mail Records To box.

    • Type a subject in the Mail Subject box.

    • Click yes or no to clear the marked set out after sending the email.

    • Click on <Email>.


    • Click on the <Exit Program> icon  in the upper right hand corner of the page.



    • Click on Help in the left hand window for on-screen assistance.


     Databases Covered by This Guide:


    • Applied Science and Technology

    • Art Full Text

    • Biography Index

    • Biological & Agricultural Index

    • Book Review Digest Plus

    • Business Full Text

    • Essay and General Lit

    • General Science

    • Humanities Full Text

    • Legal Periodicals Full Text

    • Library Lit & Inf Full Text

    • Readers Guide Full Text

    • Social Sciences Full Text

    For additional information or assistance with Education Full Text or any WilsonWeb database, please check with the Library Staff.

    Last update:05 May 2009
    Maintained by Terrie Sypolt